Vardagen T-shirts

Needless to say, when it comes to T-shirts, illustrative and typography inspired designs are our bag here at Coolector HQ and there are certain brands which fit perfectly with our style persuasion. American lifestyle brand, Vardagen, are one such peddler of tees that we’re big fans of and if you’re similarly inclined towards graphic, printed T-shirts, you’re sure to find plenty on their digital shelves to appreciate as well.

Vardagen have been around since 2006 and they’ve been making original, hand-drawn designs and screen printing them on the softest tees and tanks they can find for well over a decade now. After all this time they’re still committed to elevating the t-shirt above basic logos and licensed content and keeping screen printing a form of art and that’s certainly something we can get on board with here at The Coolector.

Play Rough or Play Dead

The mantra of Vardagen is “play rough or play dead” and this is just their way of saying if you’re going to do something, do it the best you can or don’t bother with it at all. Making quality work is tough and paying attention to every detail gets exhausting, but it’s worth it when you feel confident and passionate about what you’re doing and this ethos definitely shines through in all the cracking printed tees that Vardagen have produced over the years.

Boasting a stellar line up of printed tees (which are regularly updated with new ones), it’s easy to see why Vardagen are one of our favourite men’s T-shirt brands here at Coolector HQ. If you like your tees to be striking and playful, you’ve found an ally in this Californian apparel brand and their small but perfectly formed line up of T-shirts are going to be the ideal additions to your autumn wardrobe over the next couple of months.

Effortlessly cool and laid back, there are distinct beach vibes to the apparel from Vardagen and if that sounds like your style, you’ll want to check out their current line up of men’s T-shirts, including our favourites, the Sk-8 Bit Bear Tee and the Not Over Pocket Tee. Regardless of your sense of style, you’re sure to find some apparel from Vardagen that matches your tastes and we’re regularly checking back in to see what new tees and accessories these guys have to offer.

Autumn Apparel

Summer might be beginning to appear in the rearview mirror now but T-shirts are ideal autumn fodder too and if, like us, you’re planning to add some new graphic tees to your wardrobe rotation over the next couple of months, you’ll find few better places to start than with Vardagen. Their tees are perhaps a little pricier than the norm at $42 but they are made on high quality fabrics and printed to the best possible quality so the difference in quality really does stand out.

Vardagen are a brand that have been on our radar for many years now here at The Coolector and we’re glad to see them still going strong with a regularly updated line up of men’s tees to choose from. Whenever the time comes to give your T-shirt line up a shot in the arm, Vardagen should definitely be one of your first ports of call.

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