Vincero Vessel Watches

For all the different types of watches there are on the market, it’s dive watches that resonate most with our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we’ve had our heads well and truly turned by Vincero’s latest collection, the Vessel. These striking, no nonsense timepieces will be ideal for the wrist of any adventure inclined individuals out there and you’ll be blown away by both their style and affordability.

Priced at a mighty wallet friendly $215, the Vincero Vessel series of watches are an awful lot of watch for an unbelievably affordable price. Available in an array of different colourways and materials to suit different styles and tastes so whether you want a durable rubber strap of a dapper leather offering, you’ll find something that more than fits the bill within the awesome Vessel Collection from Vincero.

Dive, Dive, Dive

Taking their design inspiration from a traditional dive watch, every element of the Vessel Watch from Vincero is carefully designed to be highly dependable underwater and get you noticed on land. So if you’re looking to take the plunge on a new watch, this would be one of our top picks here at The Coolector. The Vessel can handle anything you throw at it and more and is one of the most adventure ready watches we’ve seen in this price bracket.

The Vincero Vessel Collection of watches ($215) uses the ultra-reliable and robust Citizen Miyota Quartz movement and has a water resistance of 20ATM which will be more than enough for any adventures in the deep blue sea you find yourself on this summer. The understated and uncompromising aesthetic of these watches is second to none and we’ll certainly be adding one to our watch line up at The Coolector.

Vincero are adamant about being hands-on throughout the entire production process of their watches and this shines through in the quality of the finished products, like this Vessel Collection. They design everything in-house, source their own materials, produce in small batches to ensure the quality doesn’t dip, and ship directly to your door. What this means is that you get ethically produced timepieces which have been subjected to rigorous quality control standards.

From Land To Sea

The Vessel Collection from Vincero is equal parts polished timepiece and performance instrument. From land to sea, this great looking watch will help you keep track of your time and your oxygen under the waves. It boasts a contemporary design, Swiss lume, an inner rotating descent bezel, 200-meter water resistance, and unparalleled robustness.

Great value for money at under $250, the Vessel collection really is built to last the pace, simple to read, and looks excellent for any occasion. Vincero are one of our favourite watchmakers here at Coolector HQ and the Vessel collection is some of their finest series of timepieces to date. Two thumbs up from us.

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