Heading out into the wild and enjoying the great outdoors is sure to be on the to-do list for a lot of people in 2019 and if you’ve got the right accessories for your trip then you’re going to enjoy the experience all the more. One item that you’re probably going to want to have stowed away in your backpack is this excellent looking VSSL Supplies SUUNTO Black Ops Edition which provides you with an array of critical supplies that you might just need when tackling nature.


The VSSL Supplies SUUNTO Black Ops Edition has a price tag of £114 and has been made in collaboration with outdoor accessories specialists, SUUNTO. This cracking bit of kit is billed as the ultimate compact adventure kit and is chock full of bits and pieces that may come in handy during your wilderness excursions. Wonderfully stealthy in design and mighty functional in execution, we’re big fans of this first rate limited edition offering at Coolector HQ.

Wilderness Safety Net

It’s always a good idea to be prepared when heading out in the great unknown and this VSSL Supplies SUUNTO Black Ops Edition will act as a safety net of sorts if you find yourself running into any difficulties. It feels much more comforting when you’re ascending an exposed face, or hitting your backyard trail, knowing you’re prepared with critical supplies and that’s exactly what this cracking bit of kit delivers. VSSL have made it extremely simple by packing your essential gear inside a military grade, multi-mode LED light topped with an oil-filled compass.

The VSSL Supplies SUUNTO Black Ops Edition (£114) is so easy to chuck it in your bag or glove box, and be prepared for your next adventure and it is this level of portability that is central to its versatility and performance. It will always be ready and waiting when you need its supplies in a pinch and these include an oil-filled compass, 4-Mode (High, Low, SOS and Red) LED Light, 6 hour pure Canadian beeswax candle, 6 Aquatabs® water purification tablets suitable for purifying up to 3 gallons (each tab purifies up to 2 litres, depending on water quality) and Tinder Quik® fire starters.

Needless to say, there are all sorts of scenarios when tackling the great outdoors that you might need to have some handy supplies by your side and it’s for these times that the VSSL Supplies SUUNTO Black Ops Edition positively excels. It boasts useful fishing gear if you need to try and catch some food and a P38 military GI Type can opener for cracking into any tinned goods that you’ve bought along for the trip. This is joined by other useful pieces like a signalling mirror for drawing attention to your location and a robust, aluminium beaded emergency whistle for making yourself heard to rescuers if required.

Adventure Ready

The great outdoors are for exploring of course but that doesn’t mean to say that you should head into it unprepared. For those who want to make sure they cover their back in the wild, this top notch VSSL Supplies SUUNTO Black Ops Edition (£114) definitely ticks all of the right boxes in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

VSSL crafts superior quality LED lights that utilize the form factor of traditional flashlights and combines them with extra elements which ramps up their functionality. The performance of each VSSL unit extends well beyond illumination and each unique VSSL  package offers an extremely compact and efficient way of transporting your essential outdoor gear, without compromising valuable pack space and weight.

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