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As big watch lovers here at Coolector HQ, we encounter an awful lot of different watchmakers on a day to day basis so it’s at the point that any new ones we discover have to have an impressive hook to really stand out from the crowd and capture both our imagination and our attention. Well, that’s certainly the case with Werenbach Watches, a fantastic new watchmaker that crafts exemplary looking timepieces which are made out of real components from Sojuz space rockets that left our planet and are now being repurposed to deliver stunning watches.

Werenbach Watches are quite unlike any others that we’ve come across and if you want a timepiece that is quite literally out of this world then you’ll be blown away with the choices that are on offer from Werenbach. They recently launched an update to their range of watches with dials exhibiting heavy signs of wear and tear from space launches, with highly striking visual elements such as the red from the Soyuz labeling on the top of the rocket and the orange from exhaust at the bottom. A spectacular addition to any wrist.

Top Class Customisation 

The beauty of these exceptional watches from Werenbach is just how customisable they are to help ensure you get exactly the aesthetic that you’re after when picking the right one for your wrist. Customers looking to get their hands on one of these Werenbach timepieces can use an innovative configuration device on their watchmaker’s website to customise your choices and get the sort of dial and visual elements that are exactly right for your own personal sense of style.

We’re loving the space them of these cracking Werenbach Watches here at Coolector HQ and those who are equally as enamoured with these glorious looking timepieces will get to not only know from which part of the Sojuz rocket their timepiece is crafted but also from which exact space mission the materials used in its creation have been harvested from. This adds a real sense of uniqueness to each and every watch and this is something that makes them even more appealing if, indeed, that’s even possible.

Werenbach are a newcomer to the world of watchmaking but they’ve already got an impressive hook in the shape of the materials used to make their watches that sets them apart from the competition and piques our curiosity here at Coolector HQ. For any man that loves timepieces that have something unique and inspiring about them, you’ll certainly not go too far wrong with Werenbach and the quality of their construction really is second to none.

Decisions, Decisions

There are so many different styles and materials to choose from when compiling your own Werenbach watch that it’s actually an exciting part of the watch buying process to create your very own. Whether you want a bold accessory that brings your wrist to life and turns heads aplenty or prefer a more understated affair, you’ll find something within Werenbach’s range that more than fits the bill.

Finding new watchmakers is one of our simple pleasures here at Coolector HQ but its not every day we come across those as astrologically awesome as Werenbach. Brilliantly conceived timepieces made from old rocket parts, these gloriously stylish and highly customisable offerings are definitely to our visual liking and anyone with a love of space travel and horology will struggle to find a more suitable candidate for their next accessory.

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