The Wise Button

A device tracker is exactly the sort of gadgetry that we require here at Coolector HQ as our array of technology is invariably going astray because of our carelessness but we may soon be able to fling our gadgetry around with wild abandon without fear of losing it courtesy of the rather excellent looking The Wise Button – a bluetooth universal helper that everyone “has been dreaming of” according to its creator.

Well, it might not quite be the thing of dreams but it is definitely a mightily impressive little device that will certainly come in handy for a multitude of reasons in 2014 and we here at The Coolector will hope to get our hands on one. The Wise Button is billed as a universal remote control and device tracker and it is compatible with all operating systems so you shouldn’t encounter any interface issues when using it. The video above does the best job of explaining its usefulness, of course, but we here at The Coolector can definitely add that we too think it could be a great little addition to any household with plenty of gadgets to operate and devices to keep track of.



We’re not going to lie, we love minimalist looking pieces of kit like this here at Coolector HQ and when it has the potential to be a very useful ally in our day to day technology drudgery, then we’re definitely all ears. The Wise Button is currently seeking backers on Indiegogo but, as you might expect from a device that looks so cool, it has already smashed its target. It’s not too late to get involved and on board, however, and that’s exactly what we here at The Coolector plan to do.

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