Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe

Fall is probably the finest time of year for a good old fashioned camping trip and if you plan on knocking back soft craft beers and enjoying an al fresco BBQ, getting your hands on one of these Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safes is definitely a good idea. This envelope-sized, portable fire pit and cooking companion is perfect for impromptu camping excursions as it allows you to start a fire anywhere permissible and is capable of packing down to slimmer than 1″ so won’t weigh you down on any journey.

Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe is available for the bargain price of $79 and ships this month so if you’ve got any wilderness trips planned over the next few months, now is the time to move. Fire Safe fosters campfire and cooking experiences with friends and family while making sure the environmental footprint that campfires often leave behind is reduced as much as possible. Wolf and Grizzly paid particular attention to the small details to make sure they could make the best portable fire pit for all your adventures from the backyard to the backcountry.

Engineered To Perfection

Small but perfectly formed, Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe has mighty impressive engineering to ensure it delivers an unparalleled performance. It is crafted and engineered specifically to make the most of efficiencies while minimising its consumption and the airflow direction has been carefully engineered to deliver an efficient and clean burn of charcoal or wood in strong-to-light wind conditions. The wind shielding provided by the frame makes sure you light and keep your fires hassle-free which is perfect for laid back camping trips with friends. Weighing in at under 1kg, this won’t weigh you down and the 100% 304 stainless steel finish ensures its robustness.

Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe ($79) boasts a segmented, corrugated design which means you can add charcoal to only the areas that you wish to heat, allowing you to use just enough fuel to cook your meal, rather than wasting vast amounts of charcoal which, of course, lessens the environmental impact of your cooks. As a general rule of thumb, Fire Safe requires 26% less fuel per unit of surface area than its closest “competitor” which showcases just how much more economical it is.

After you’ve finished your cooking, it’s extremely easy to clean and pack away with its components which act for efficient airflow and serves as a scoop for the ashes creating the first disposal-conscious fire containment base. Wolf and Grizzly specifically designed this with a minimal trace mentality and it shows their dedication to providing products that perform optimally whilst also being better for the environment than the competition.

Made For Cooking

The design of Fire Safe from Wolf and Grizzly is made to dovetail perfectly with the brand’s Grill M1 courtesy of Fire Safe’s segmented fuel containment and the predetermined Grill M1 Edition Kit heights which enables your fuel to be used in a highly efficient way for cooking. This offers considerable versatility in your fuel of choice whether it be wood or charcoal and each Fire Safe comes with a carrying case which contains modular pockets for your accessories and kindling.

Fantastically priced at just $79 and incredibly portable, Fire Safe from Wolf and Grizzly represents excellent value for money for any keen adventure lovers who love camping and outdoor cooking. We love the first class design of this camping accessory here at Coolector HQ and it carries on the superb work Wolf and Grizzly have done with their Grill M1 Edition Kit. We can’t wait to see what else these guys come up with in 2020.

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