Woolsey Pool Rack

If you’re a fan of interior and furniture design, chances are Sean Woolsey is a name already on the tip of your tongue and it’s hard to have missed his amazing looking pool tables that he’s crafted over the years. Well, if you’ve sprung for one of those majestic looking pieces of design, it makes sense to shell out for the ultimate accompaniment for it in the shape of the superb looking Woolsey Pool Rack.

Though it boasts a somewhat eye-watering price tag of $3100, the quality of the Sean Woolsey Pool Rack is plain to see from the minute you lay eyes on it. This supremely well made piece of designer furniture is, of course, designed to go alongside the Woolsey Pool Table but if you’ve already got a table in situ and want to ramp up the style of it a touch, this is the ideal place to start with its minimalistic visuals and top notch materials.

Quality Design and Build

The Sean Woolsey design workshop is well known for the attention to detail in design and this positively shines through once again with the Woolsey Pool Rack which is dapperness personified. Everyone who is serious about their pool and who owns a pool table needs a rack to store and display their cues, triangle, chalk and balls. Sean Woolsey decided to make theirs a stunning cabinet that is as functional as it is eye-catching, with everything neatly organised and off the ground. This was designed to perfectly dovetail with their Woolsey Pool Table, but as mentioned, you can purchase it as a standalone product too.

Priced at $3100, it is certainly a piece for the serious pool enthusiast and the Woolsey Pool Rack uses the sort of high end materials that will set it apart from other storage solutions on the market. This classy looking wall rack comes replete with everything you’ll need to enjoy your pool: and this includes an exclusive pro ball set, six premium fibreglass cue sticks (you can pick the length of cues you want), a black bridge, plenty of black chalk, and our custom-made wood triangle with mitered splines.

The Woolsey Pool Rack can be wall mounted easily on you wall next to your pool table with a French cleat system. It comes with everything for a stress-free install. The rack is made of an American black walnut frame (with maple splines), blackened brass dowels, and the same black felt that Sean Woolsey Studio uses on their breathtaking pool table. It is sophisticated in design and will significantly improve the enjoyment of playing pool with your buddies.

Pool Perfection

You’ll not find anyone out there offering superior quality products than that of Sean Woolsey Studio and few of their products exemplify this better than this effortlessly chic pool rack. The Woolsey Pool Rack is finished off with a natural, food safe, hand rubbed oil and wax finish for an unparalleled aesthetic that compliments their own pool table superbly but will go just as well alongside any other full sized table.

You can purchase the rack with or without the extras such as the pool balls and cues but, in our opinion, to make the most of this sensational product, you’d want to get it in its entirety. It might not be cheap but it will be money well spent if you’ve got a games room that you want to add a touch of considerable class to.

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