Workhorse SureFly Drone

Drones are burgeoning in popularity all the time as brands battle to outdo each other to, for the most part, create smaller and smaller drones capable of the same impressive features. Well, one brand is thinking bigger. Much bigger. Reinvention of the helicopter bigger. Say hello to the Workhorse SureFly Drone.

Some 78 years after it first came to be, the design team at Workhorse have claimed to have delivered a reimagining of the helicopter as we know it and have created it using drone based technology to deliver a two-seater machine that might just change the face of how we get around. The Workhorse SureFly Drone is, in essence, a personal helicopter/VTOL aircraft which has been carefully designed and built for safe and easy flight.

Take to the Skies

Impressive technology underpins this ambitious project from Workhorse and for those of you with an interest in aviation and drones (not to mention deep pockets), this might just be the next item to sit atop your wish-list. The Workhorse SureFly Drone boasts eight independent motors with each one driving a single carbon fiber propeller. There is a backup battery power system, and a ballistic parachute which ensures you can make a safe landing in the event of emergency.

The Workhorse SureFly Drone provides unparalleled safety for a personal aircraft and you’ll be mesmerised by the design and capabilities of this amazing looking contraption. It is already changing the helicopter industry through its innovative design, technology and performance and it is letting people discover an affordable, easy-to-pilot, safe answer to personal flight. And, safe to say, we’re sitting up and taking notice here at Coolector HQ.

With the finest materials deployed throughout its construction such as carbon fibre shell, integrated battery packs, an 8-rotor drone-esque design and an impressive 70 mile range, the Workhorse SureFly Drone is certainly going to appeal for those looking for a cool new means of getting from A to B in style. Great to look at, safety first design and extensive range capabilities, this first rate construction is looking to radically shake up an industry that is long overdue it.

Innovation in Design

A talented design team at Workhorse that has been developing carbon fiber drones and electric battery powered vehicles made a logical progression onto their two person, 8 rotor helicopter. This hybrid aircraft is specifically designed for a short hop application with an estimated 70 mile range that will make it great for those impromptu trips out and around your local area.


Spacious and comfortable in the cabin, the Workhorse SureFly Drone really does have it all and will inevitably be making waves in the world of aviation when it becomes commercially available – with a predicted price tag under the $200k mark. We’re loving the ambition of this project here at Coolector HQ and can’t wait to see this particular workhorse putting in a shift.

Price: $200k Approx

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