CMRA for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, particularly the latest incarnation, is a pretty impressive device safe to say but there is one noticeable absence from its roster of features – namely, a camera but this is something which is being remedied by an excellent looking solution that goes by the name of CMRA.

The CMRA for Apple Watch is a cleverly conceived solution to the lack of camera problem that besets the smart watch from Apple and if you’ve been waiting for a means to take pictures and make videos with your wrist, the CMRA is surely it.

Innovative Design

Integrating two cameras — one outward-facing 8MP lens and one self-facing two-megapixel lens — both equipped with sensors from Sony and ready to record HD video into a stylish strap, largely similar to the original strap from Apple, this is a seamless solution to providing a camera to your smart watch and one we’ve been left mightily impressed with here at Coolector HQ.



With a battery life that lasts a whole day, it’s going to be right there by your side when you want to capture video or photos with your Apple Watch and when the battery does eventually die, it has a the functionality to charge both your camera and your watch with the dock provided.


It’s a highly anticipated addition to the Apple Watch and one that will elevate the usefulness of the device considerably so it’s easy to see why excitement is high around CMRA and why most of us Apple Watch owners will be looking to get our hands on one.

Technologically Advanced

The CMRA for Apple Watch is a technologically superior solution with two high quality cameras that capture video and imagery with aplomb and the quality doesn’t end there. This impressive addition to your smart watch offers plenty of additional benefits to your image capture including tilt-balancing, lens correction, noise reduction and pixel optimisation to name but a few. This will help ensure the quality of the video and photos you take using the CMRA and deliver great results every time.


The strap for the CMRA is available in three different colours – Blue, Black and White (with a Limited Edition Grey for pre-orders) so you’ll be sure to find a style that matches your own taste requirements. If you’ve been waiting patiently for a camera addition to your Apple Watch, you’ll be glad to hear this wait is coming to an end and the quality of the device is second to none.

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