Talon Pocket Tool

Let’s face it, we seldom know what each day will entail and, as the saying goes, being forewarned is being forearmed and you can be prepared to tackle most eventualities that you’ll encounter with this excellent piece of everyday carry called the Talon Pocket Tool which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.


Billed as an ultra lightweight pocket tool which is crafted from  advanced aerospace & military composite materials which ensure that it doesn’t scratch your phone when it’s being carried in your pocket, the Talon Pocket Tool will definitely appeal to handy types who regularly find themselves doing impromptu DIY (not us) or craft beer lovers in need of a means of opening their brews (definitely us).

Lightweight & Functional

With a material 40% lighter than titanium and yet still incredibly robust, the Talon Pocket Tool is definitely going to withstand the daily rigours that you put it through and it is the sort of EDC that today’s modern man is unquestionably in requirement of. Boasting no less than 17 tools within its Chijoff+Co designed frame, the Talon is versatility personified and will make you the handiest chap out there with its myriad tools.


Just a few of the accessories that are to be found with the Talon Pocket Tool include a bottle opener, metric ruler, box cutter, high torque socket, a variety of wrench measurements and a hex socket. So, as you can see, it’s going to ensure that you’re always on hand to carry out various DIY tasks and then capable of cracking open the craft beers at the end.


Superbly balancing design and function, the Talon Pocket Tool doesn’t just look fantastic, it is one of the most useful pieces of EDC out there and it’s little surprise to us that it’s taken Kickstarter by storm with scores of men demanding one for their own pockets.

Adapts to your Lifestyle

Any piece of EDC should add to your day to day in some way and this is something which can certainly be applied to the Talon Pocket Tool. It is wonderfully versatile, robust and useful and will adapt to your lifestyle meaning that however you intend to use it, you are capable of tailoring it to your needs and requirements.


It offers an internal storage compartment which allows you to pick and choose which tools you’ll be bringing with you based on what your plans are for that day. Whether you’re heading out on your bike or into the mountains for some snowboarding action, you’ll be happier knowing the Talon Pocket Tool is on hand to help you carry out any running repairs you may encounter. If you, like thousands of other men, have liked what you’ve seen with this superb piece of EDC, there’s still time to get behind it over on Kickstarter now.

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