Complements Modular Chocolates

As we’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth here at Coolector HQ, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to suggest that we are partial to the odd chocolate binge or two. If, like us, you like to mix up your sugary treats and love products that push aesthetic boundaries then you’re also going to love these mighty impressive looking Complements Modular Chocolates.

Complements Modular Chocolates are, as the name suggests, a selection of delicious looking treats which, as a result of their shape, can be fitted together with one another to ramp up the taste sensation – and increase your overall chocolate intake of course. These brilliantly conceived chocolates use 3D printing and design and are a collaboration with Bakedown Cakery with the intention of producing a great selection of complementary tastes that we can all enjoy.

Sweet Tooth

We’re willing to wager that you won’t have come across many chocolates that have put quite as much thought into the design and crafting process as these amazing Complements Modular Chocolates which combine in form and flavour to make something quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen or tasted before.

A clever design process comes to the fore in the creation of these Complements Modular Chocolates and with a desire to create something outside the box that was possible to be paired in a whole host of different combinations, they designed an original modular shape that was 3D printed into positives and then turned into chocolate moulds to create the eye-catching (not to mention delicious looking) finished product.

After experimenting with an array of colours, finishes and different patterns, Bakedown Cakery then stepped in to work their magic on crafting the mouth-watering flavours to be found with the Complements Modular Chocolates and making them into the real deal that look so appetising.

Taste Sensation

Another great example of the diverse ways in which 3D printing can be deployed, these excellent Complements Modular Chocolates have certainly caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and all the different flavour combinations sound incredible so we’ll definitely be hoping to get our hands on a box sooner rather than later.

For those of you with a sweet tooth seeking out new wares to treat it to, these Complements Modular Chocolates seem like a no-brainer. Brilliantly designed and executed with some truly amazing sounding flavours, you’re sure to fly through the box as one literally isn’t enough.

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