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If your home is your castle then your desk or workspace is your, errrrm, fortress of solitude? Somewhere you can do your best work and ruminating. Well, if this is true, it will definitely be worthwhile to invest in a top quality desk if this is somewhere you spend a lot of your time and, quite frankly, we’re pretty sure you’ll not find many better crafted, more stylish or, indeed, as functional as the exceptional CPA Desk from The Coolector regular, Alon Dodo.

A workspace needs to be somewhere you can focus, relax and address any matters at hand and the desk that you choose will be pivotal to all these things and that’s why we’ve been left so thoroughly impressed with the exemplary CPA Desk from Alon Dodo. This mesmerisingly stylish workspace delivers not just an abundance of space in which to get down to work but genuinely one of the most striking and functional pieces of craftsmanship we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ.

Cracking Craftsmanship

The quality of the craftsmanship on all of the furniture that Alon Dodo creates is plain to see and it’s particularly evident in this CPA Desk which is overflowing with eye-catching design features. Expertly balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality, the CPA Desk will be the ideal catalyst for getting the creative juices flowing in 2017 and for any individual on the hunt for a wonderfully well made piece of designer furniture, look no further.

The CPA Desk offers plenty of storage space for all your daily work essentials and the surface area of the desk itself is mighty impressive and will make sure that you never feel hemmed in regardless of how much technology or various bits and pieces your typically have cluttering your workspace on a daily basis.

Exceptionally well made and boasting a visual appeal which is beyond compare, the CPA Desk from Alon Dodo is exactly the sort of design and dedication to expert craftsmanship that we appreciate here at Coolector and for those of you seeking out the sort of furniture that lasts a lifetime, Alon Dodo should unquestionably be a name front and centre on your radar – a fact reinforced by this awesome looking CPA Desk.

Built to Last

Desks come in all shapes and sizes and from a vast array of materials but you’ll find nothing but the best is used with the CPA Desk from Alon Dodo and you’ll be blown away by the tangible quality if you’re lucky enough to make this fantastic piece of designer furniture your next workspace.

Clever little features and design quirks abound with the Alon Dodo CPA Desk and everywhere you look, it delivers something that will make working upon it easier. A fantastic selection of storage coupled with exceptional quality in the choice of materials make this one piece of designer furniture that you can rely upon and which will help ramp up your creativity in 2017.

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