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We remember first coming across the Devotec Fuel Charger around this time last year when it was undergoing a crowd-funding process on Kickstarter and now, having got our hands on one here at Coolector HQ, we can confirm that now they have been officially released, they are just as awesome as we hoped and justify their heavy backing on Kickstarter – though we should point out the device isn’t currently immediately compatible with iPhone devices (it has a micro-USB socket) but this is something Devotec are currently working on.

The Devotec Fuel Charger, somewhat brilliantly, takes the form of a miniature Jerry can and will provide that extra surge of battery life for your smartphone when its on its last legs. We’ve all had that time (more often than most here at Coolector HQ) where we’ve let our battery trickle down to 1% and find ourselves in a position where we need to make a phone call full in the knowledge the phone will conk out mid-way through the call but with the Devotec Fuel Charger, this issue will become a thing of the past – just slap one of these on your keyring and away you go.

We absolutely love the design of the Fuel Charger here at Coolector HQ and we’re pretty sure that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more well conceived solution for your smartphone charging needs than the Fuel Charger from Devotec. It is the smallest emergency phone charger on the market and has the capabilities to provide around an extra 30 minutes of talk time just when you need it and, more importantly in our eyes, looks amazing:

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If you want to get your hands on a phone charger that is a little different from the norm, you’ll not go too far wrong with the Devotec Fuel Charger which fits easily on a keyring and will provide an extra burst of battery power in times of emergency.

Price: £20

Available: Devotec

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