Richer Poorer x PF Flyers Socks

Socks may not seem like the most compelling of subject matters, truth be told, but they are an accessory that we wear everyday and there are plenty of uber-cool brands out there elevating this essential piece of clothing above the mundane and into the echelons of awesomeness. A case in point in this regard is an top notch apparel brand by the name of Richer Poorer and their spiffing collaboration with footwear company PF Flyers to produce some genuinely cracking limited edition socks to radically ramp up the style of your feet.

Richer Poorer are a Los Angeles based brand which was born upon the simple premise of trying to make everyday products better and chief in their sights was socks and, as you can see from the shot above, they have delivered on the promise of making this often dreary product stand out from the crowd. Their collaboration with PF Flyers has definitely caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and this collection of socks are available in three colour ways and have been made in the USA.

The atomic cross-hatch motif on the socks is born from an image which appears within certain PF Flyers shoes and definitely gives a striking visual appeal to the socks which will help you to stand out from the crowd. Check out a few shots of the socks in action below:




Whilst, admittedly, we don’t pay as much attention to our socks as perhaps we should at The Coolector, that doesn’t mean to say we can’t recognise awesomeness when its presented to us and that’s exactly the case with this brilliant collaboration between two fantastic apparel brands from America and we’ve been left thoroughly impressed with the impeccable style and flair of this first class collaboration.

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