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Barbecue season is well and truly upon us and for those of you for whom cookouts are a way of life, it makes sense to want to have an awesome means of cooking the burgers, sausages and chicken stowed away in the back garden and from a design and aesthetics point of view, they really don’t come much better than the glorious looking YRON Grill.

Boasting precise German engineering and craftsmanship, the YRON Grill really is a sight to behold and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more stylish looking accessory for your BBQ’s this summer. This cracking construct is crafted from cast iron for the eye-catching finish and robust performance that is essential in a grill and we’d definitely like to be using this for our summer BBQs here at Coolector HQ.

Robust Design

The YRON Grill is a lesson in simplicity and functional design and it is all the better for its understated visuals and uncompromising performance. This luxurious looking means for enjoying your favourite foods in the great outdoors is the brainchild of two German designers, Frank Person and Daniel Lechowski, and despite the cast iron materials used in its construction, the YRON Grill is relatively lightweight and portable.

Extremely simple to put together and with the ability to disassemble quickly as well for easy storage, the YRON Grill really is the best of both worlds as not only does it look visually superb, it also provides a great level of performance to make sure the food you’re cooking on it is always nothing short of delicious. Due to the size of the grill, you can create different heat zones in the embers below in order to cook different foods and can even apportion different areas of the grill to meat / vegetarian and fruit for example and it’s this level of versatility that really sets this grill apart from the competition.

It is the unparalleled visual appeal of the YRON Grill that immediately got our attention here at Coolector HQ and it has almost got an Eames-esque quality of design to its finish which is not altogether common in the world of BBQs. This superbly designed and crafted cooking accessory offers first rate durability courtesy of the excellent materials used in its construction and for those of you who love to cook outdoors, you’ll never have looked so good whilst doing it.

Eye Catching Details

The creators of the YRON Grill have combined computer assisted design with traditional craftsmanship methods to achieve the impeccable aesthetic of their accessory and make sure the performance is maximised and no material wasted in the construction. The oak wood legs of the YRON Grill are a real design triumph and their water resistance and the fact that oak typically infuses the smells around it, they’ll start to take on the mouth-watering smell of a smoky BBQ in no time.

There are few things better than a BBQ on a sunny day alongside a few craft beers and for anyone with a love of design and a Ron Swanson-esque love of meat, this YRON Grill will unquestionably be ticking all of the right boxes. Supremely well designed and crafted, your BBQs this year will go up a notch in the visual department if you have one of these great looking grills in your back yard.

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