O’Douds John Wayne Collaboration

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, most will be floundering around what gift to get for their old man but, fear not, the guys at awesome grooming brand, O’Douds, have got you covered with their top notch John Wayne Collaboration which will be the ideal gift for any well groomed dad over the next couple of weeks.

The O’Douds John Wayne Collaboration has, as the name suggests, been crafted in collaboration with John Wayne Enterprises and is a limited edition offering that will make for the perfect gift for any Western loving dad this Father’s Day. O’Douds are a long time favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ due the quality of their grooming goods and this small batch collaboration project is definitely one of our favourites to date.

Wrangle the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Fathers can be notoriously difficult to buy for but grooming products are always a pretty safe bet and when you throw a better of Western, John Wayne awesomeness into the mix, you know you’re onto a real winner. The O’Douds John Wayne Collaboration are crafted in limited quantities and once they’re gone, they’re gone so if you’ve got a dad that loves the old Western films when John Wayne was in his pomp, you haven’t got time to hang around with this one.

The O’Douds John Wayne Collaboration really does evoke memories of old fashioned Westerns with the awesome illustrative branding with which O’Douds are synonymous and you can buy either a collection of wares grouped together or the products within the collaboration individually if you prefer. The cornerstone of the collaboration is the candles which come in either Campfire or Western Trail iterations and both deliver the sort of manly, rustic smells that most dads are going to appreciate.

On top of the brilliantly branded candles, there are a number of other excellent bits and pieces within the O’Douds John Wayne Collaboration which include solid colognes and clay pomades – all boasting the fantastic illustrations on the packaging. If your dad is one that isn’t adversed to a spot of grooming, this great collection of goods from O’Douds and John Wayne Enterprises will certainly be in the right ballpark.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

All the grooming goods from O’Douds are made from the finest ingredients and the John Wayne Collaboration is certainly no exception. Using only all natural ingredients in each of the products in the collaboration, O’Douds maintain their reputation for grooming excellence with this superb looking series of wares.

So, if you’re stuck for ideas this Father’s Day and want something that is going to actually be well received, you’re not going to go too far wrong with this superb O’Douds John Wayne Collaboration which delivers an abundance of super cool products that any man, young or old, would appreciate.

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