10 of the best men’s wallet brands

The wallet may seem like a humble accessory but it underpins every man’s EDC line up and chances are it will be right by your side day in, day out so it makes sense to look for brands that make high quality wares. There is definitely no shortage of wallet brands out there but, as with all things, not all were created equal and some are undoubtedly a cut above in the style, performance and functionality departments.

Check out our pick of 10 of the best men’s wallet brands below:

DANGO Products

Mainstays of the pages of The Coolector, DANGO are an accessories brand that know what it takes to make wallets that last the distance. Boasting a stealthy sense of style, their awesome line up our industrial style wallets are right up our street from a stylistic perspective. DANGO strive to emphasise the core experience of everyday carry products such as wallets and redefine them without reinventing the wheel.

It is the brand’s objective is to elevate these types of products and be able to recognise its true form and function – whilst giving you a wallet that fits in with your lifestyle. The form that their products take are influenced by mobility and modularity, making the designs edgy and aggressive yet elegant and pleasingly customisable. 

Bexar Goods Co

Another favourite of ours at The Coolector, Texan brand, Bexar Goods Co, craft some of the classiest leather wallets and accessories you’re likely to encounter anywhere out there. Brilliantly vintage in their aesthetic, there is no shortage of wallet styles to choose from on their digital shelves are you’re sure to find something that fits the bill (literally). It is Bexar’s vision to create carry goods that can travel the world with you, and develop character and charm from the environment and adventures they join you on. Bexar believe in ruggedness, simplicity, robustness, and timelessness – and these are all features which shine through in their excellent selection of wallets.

BEXAR Goods Co. is the creative collaboration of a small team of craftsmen based in Bexar County, Texas, the heart of the Texas Hill Country, an area with a rich heritage in leather use for outdoor travel and there is a tangible sense of quality to their craftsmanship that really sets them apart from the competition. While their roots are based in Central Texas, their vision and inspiration are drawn from cultures  around the world. After a leather wallet? Bexar Goods Co would be one of our first ports of call at The Coolector.


It’s all about quality, eco-friendly materials for Bellroy and this makes their fantastic line up of wallets all the more appealing to us here at The Coolector. Bellroy select all the materials they use based on a balance of functionality, robustness and their ability to age gracefully. They are also committed to making them environmentally sustainable as possible – and do this by using fabrics made from recycled and plant-derived materials, and sourcing leathers with the least environmental impact.

Bellroy’s leather wallets are about as effortlessly cool as they come and their  leather comes from tanneries that have earned a gold rating from the Leather Working Group, which means they’ve achieved excellence in environmental and labor practices. It also means that Bellroy’s leather is premium quality, so it feels great, and ages beautifully to develop a patina that tells a tale of the adventures you’ve taken your wallet on.

Bare Bones

Paul Hanna, the brainchild behind Aussie brand, Bare Bones, has definitely got the same style sensibilities as us here at The Coolector if his quality line up of wallets and accessories are anything to go by. Bare Bones’ came out of a love of keeping things simple. By simplifying the little things in life, Hanna believes that you create yourself more space to enjoy the big things in life – to stay in the moment and not be caught up in all the noise.

If understated, devilishly dapper and excellent value for money wallets are you’re bag, you’ll be in your absolute element with Bare Bones. They’ve got bifolds and card-holders so whether you carry a little or a lot, they’ll have the ideal wallet for you. Top notch leather wares that are well worthy of being the next addition to your EDC line up.

Ekster Wallets

There is a technologically edge to Ekster Wallets, with their tracking capabilities, which certainly makes them a great addition to any tech-inclined individuals EDC collection. Ekster make wallets in a number of different materials and it is their most recent release, the Aluminium Collection, which really caught our eye here at Coolector HQ. Ekster’s mission is simple – namely, they’re in the business of making people’s daily lives easier. First they reimagined the traditional wallet, making it easier to use and harder to lose. Now they’re upgrading the rest of your carry essentials so you have time to focus on what really matters.

Ekster is a brand where old-world craftsmanship meets cutting edge technology and the end result is excellence. Their first class philosophy is simple: streamline your daily activities so you have more room for the important stuff in life. Each Ekster product must adhere to three important criteria: efficiency, safeguarding, quality craftsmanship. They just won’t settle for less.

Wingback Wallets

Wingback are an independent design studio that were found back in 2014 and based in the heart of London. They stand for an alternative to mass production and disposable culture with the first class wallets and accessories that they produce. Everything they make is designed to be a pleasure to use, to improve with age and become a cherished item passed down through generations. 

Uniting the precision of contemporary manufacturing techniques with the longevity of traditional handmade design, Wingback craft impeccable items in Great Britain designed for any journey, from commutes through the capital to adventures along the Jurassic Coast.

Fielder’s Choice

If you’re a bit of a baseball aficionado, we’ve definitely got the wallet brand for you with Fielder’s Choice. The vintage vibe aesthetic already makes them an attractive proposition for an addition to your EDC but when you throw the fact they are made from vintage baseball gloves, the love goes up another notch. Fielder’s Choice are inspired by the everyday hustle of Baseball’s Golden Era and they were established in 2012 to revive vintage baseball gloves and repurpose them into functional products we use daily.

Fast forward eight years later and it’s more than baseball. Fielder’s Choice Goods is about preserving American culture and the pursuit of the American Dream. It’s about giving new life to their favourite artefacts and constructing timeless leather goods that honour the memories, history, and heritage of America’s greatest institutions and pastimes.

FOCX Wallets

FOCX are all about making wallets which are minimal and functional while, at the same time, also include some technical design details and – most importantly – making its owners proud due to the uniqueness of its design. Throughout the research and benchmarking period, FOCX bought and cut up dozens of wallets, interviewed wallet buyers and analysed their comments, resulting in three features they have managed to successfully integrate into their wallets.

An aspect they have found particularly crucial is the harmonious and purposeful combination of both shape and function for their wallets. The product they have managed to create during many a sleepless night and countless trials and errors are making us very proud and they are pretty sure they have come up with the perfect wallets. Who are we to argue?

Harber London

Harber London are a family run brand based in London with a genuine passion for handmade leather goods and the quality of the excellent looking wallets is some of the best we’ve seen here at Coolector HQ. They try obsessively to keep their designs as simple and understated as possible, while ensuring that each product is truly remarkable and functional and adds to the functionality of your EDC line up.

They create honest, high quality and functional products to help you carry better, and they don’t stop until we get it right. Each piece is preciously handcrafted in Spain by the brand’s skilled craftsmen and women and you’ll love the tangible sense of quality to the touch that these wallets possess.

Pioneer Wallets

All about performance, the wallets from Pioneer undergo extensive and rigorous testing, both in the lab and in the field. The Pioneer team emphasises fit for function and improvement over convention. Their fabrics are all custom developed to perform to their exact specifications. Their debut 10XD™ fabrics and FutureForm™ core technology were over three years in the making and represent the very best innovations to come out of their workshop.

The manufacturing methods that help mould and weld Pioneer wallets together are state-of the-art, precision processes which combine absolute precision with hand craft. Through a series of steps that include heat, pressure, and lasers their fantastic wallets take shape. Finally, they are secured and completed with our signature bar tack for absolute strength.

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