10 of the Best Winter Sweaters for Men

Winter is now setting in around Coolector HQ and this inevitably means a rather substantial dip in temperatures so now is the time of year that we turn our attention to our winter wardrobe. Needless to say, this entails filling the wardrobe with sweaters aplenty and, as luck would have it, there are certainly no shortage of options to choose from. For anyone in need of some sweater inspiration, you’re in luck as we’ve been curating some of the best in the business.

Check out our pick of ten of the best winter sweaters for men below:

Flint & Tinder 10 Year Crew – $88

Flint and Tinder is an American brand, through and through, and the 10-Year Crew ($88) is a truly American product, which has passed through the hands of over 20 American workers on its way to your doorstep and the quality that this provides is positively tangible. The uncompromising, no-nonsense construction of this sweater starts with a beefy 23 oz fleece from South Carolina that’s expertly cut, sewn and washed in Los Angeles into a premium sweatshirt that’ll grow with you, the way your favourite sweatshirt should. It will become softer with each wear and, as the name suggests, the 10 Year Crew from Flint & Tinder is built to last. And, it goes without saying, you’ll love the fit. ($88)

Wellen Headlands Sweater – $138

The Wellen Headlands Sweater ($138) is effortlessly cool and a classic and easy-going waffle knit sweater with unbeatable softness. Last light on the last stop of a road trip up the coast, or first light when dawn patrol’s the name of the game, either way the Headlands Sweater is going to fit the bill as it is a cozy, comfortable choice for layering up when the temperatures start to fall this winter. With a comfortable waffle knit in a soft blend of sustainable materials – which includes wool and all of its temperature-regulating awesomeness – it goes on easy, feels great while it’s on, and you can feel good about wearing it. Pull it on over a tee for any wilderness road trip, or dress it up with an oxford underneath for a comfortable but sharp look. ($138)

Finisterre Westray Crew – $155

With a pleasing relaxed fit, the Finisterre Westray Crew ($155) will make sure you’re nice and toasty all winter and it is both stylish enough for heading to the taproom and robust enough to deal with wilderness adventures. It is a traditional fisherman style cable jumper knitted in a Donegal tweed yarn and made from 100% British wool. The wool has had minimal processing and retains the lanolin in the yarn, giving it a natural feel and smell. Finisterre are a brand synonymous with the great outdoors and all their wares are made to last the distance. ($155)

Wills Classic Cashmere Crewneck – $160

The Classic Crewneck from Wills ($160) is made from 100% Mongolian Cashmere for a heavenly soft feel and the cashmere wool is airspun into yarn in Italy for even higher quality control. It boasts an ideal mid-weight, which means you can wear this sweater no matter the weather and it will be a great layer for your winter wardrobe. The cashmere has natural odor-blocking qualities that keep away the funk and the high-quality fibers reduce pilling and give the sweater a longer lasting life. It has a crewneck design is ideal for layering and can easily be dressed up or down and ribbed cuffs and waistline allow the sweater to stretch and retain shape when pulling on and off. ($160)

Taylor Stitch Hardtack Sweater – $228

Softer than cashmere and sustainably crafted from soft baby yak wool, the Taylor Stitch Hardtack Sweater ($228) is right up our street here at Coolector HQ. It is a solid investment piece for your wardrobe which has been sustainably crafted with cozy baby yak wool. It’s the type of layer you might expect your most charming professor from university to have stashed in his cedar wardrobe or simply the kind of layer you slip on to feel warm and stylish all at once. It has a subtle flecking which creates unique texture, while the sheepskin tan elbow patches add a touch of rugged durability. ($228)

Flint & Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt – $54

The beauty of the Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt from Flint & Tinder ($54) comes from the fact it takes a US-knit loopback French terry to give you two distinct looks, depending on which way you wear it, all put together with flatlock stitching that gives a understated, stylish and versatile finish. For a more elevated look, you can wear it with the loops facing outwards, and for a classic look, show the face of the fabric. ($54)

Klitmøller Arthur Sweatshirt – $160

Hardy apparel inspired by the sea and built for a lifetime of adventure, this Klitmøller Arthur Sweater ($160) ticks our boxes here at The Coolector. It is named after their Danish hometown and inspired by the North Sea that defines life there. Klitmøller is one of our new favourite apparel brands and their smart apparel has a touch of the refined Scandinavian design the region is famous for, and each style is made from premium, sustainably sourced materials. Think cashmere, merino, and organic cotton. The Arthur Sweater is no exception, made from a soft, 100% virgin lambswool that’ll have you looking forward to slipping it on. ($160)

Finisterre Neyland Sweater – $51

Year-round layers constructed responsibly and inspired by misty seashore mornings, what’s not to like about the Finisterre Neyland Sweatshirt ($51). After the icy winds and freezing snowfall of winter have run their course, there’s still the inevitable springtime chill that only a lightweight sweater like the Neyland Sweater can effortlessly combat. Those early morning bike rides, long weekend hiking adventures, and evenings spent around the campfire just got even better with the Neyland’s organic cotton construction and familiar crewneck style. Plus, when the seasons inevitably change once more and the forecast recommends you bundle up, this versatile sweater is excellent for layering underneath heavier pieces and staving off the foul weather. ($51)

Roark Revival Buckfast Sweater – $55

This heavyweight Roark Revival Buckfast Sweater ($55) allows you to layer or wear it on its own and the classic, striped style is an easy decision that matches with jeans, chinos, and joggers. It is a cold weather essential that never lets you down. Scotland is home to some of the finest rolling green hills, glimmering emerald lochs, and a bountiful harvest of endless natural playgrounds – it’s also where the chaps at Roark mounted up to field test their latest range of adventure-ready apparel. The Buckfast is an understated, well-knit sweater that’s sole purpose is to keep you cozy while looking great in the process. ($55)

Hansen Normann Sweater – $458

An old-school fisherman’s sweater made from a premium wool blend with an attention to detail that is beyond compare. You could call them nostalgic, sure, but Hansen firmly believes in the old-school ways of garment making – when a pair of well-worn work boots would be handed down with the keys to the family workshop from grandpa. With an over-emphasis on quality and a dedication to style that goes beyond the daily zeitgeist, Hansen is providing that old-school attention to detail to their lineup of cold weather apparel. The Normann Sweater from Hansen ($458) takes after the stylings of heritage Nordic fisherman sweaters, and eliminates any potential for that “itchy sweater” feeling by using an extra fine merino wool and baby alpaca blend. ($458)

Leo Davie