Bellroy Recycled Bottles Range

It goes without saying that plastic is a material that is a scourge on our environment so any brands doing their part in helping to recycle it is alright in our book here at Coolector HQ and this is particularly true when the bran in question is as cool as Bellroy. The new range of gear from Bellroy uses recycled bottles as the chief material in their crafting and this is definitely an endeavour that deserves applause in our opinion and the fact that all the accessories are excellent as well is the icing on the cake.

The Bellroy Recycled Bottles Range of bags and accessories has something for everyone and regardless of what piece of EDC or carry that you’re after, it should have something that more than fits the bill. All of Bellroy’s signature styles are now made from recycled plastic bottles and this will help the first class accessories brand really play their part in helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that impacts the environment. The bottles are ground into chips, melted and spun into strong polyester fibre, then woven into durable fabric used in making the bags and accessories.

Check out the best bits from this recycled plastic bottle range below:

Bellroy Sling – £89

Ideally suited to urban adventuring, the Bellroy Sling (£89) is a small but perfectly formed accessory that will have more than enough storage space for all your EDC essentials such as phone, wallets and keys whilst you’re on the go. The Bellroy Sling has a front compartment for quick-access valuables and a main compartment within with a soft lining for sunglasses and a key clip to keep them secure. It keep your hands free and pockets light with a sling that’s big enough for the essentials, yet small enough to let you move like a New York minute. (£89)

Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus – £159

A high quality backpack is an essential component of any man’s accessory line up and they don’t come much better than the Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus (£159) which will meet your storage and style requirements with aplomb. It has a separate laptop compartment with Aquaguard zip access and vertical front pocket for keeping small items handy. It is available in an array of different colours so you’ll definitely find one that fits in with your style aesthetic. It is a dual compartment carry in one streamlined backpack, for those who like a classic look with plenty of features. It offers lumbar support and contoured straps to keep you carrying comfortably all day long. (£159)

Bellroy Classic Pouch – £45

After the ultimate in functional and versatile accessories? You might just have found it with the excellent looking Bellroy Classic Pouch (£45) which is perfect for holding cables, toiletries, cosmetics, personal items and more. The Classic Pouch is the humble sidekick that can make a big difference to your day by helping to keep you organised throughout. Don’t leave behind your pen, charger, gum or lip balm, just because you can’t keep track of your essentials. And you’ll no longer have to rummage around your bag looking for them, either. The Classic Pouch is the place to keep them in one place (and in the right place to boot). (£45)

Bellroy Tokyo Tote – £109

One of the most versatile style of carries, the tote, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cooler looking or more functional version than the awesome looking Tokyo Tote from Bellroy (£109). It has a designated pocket for 13” laptop or tablet and pop-out pockets for bottle or shoes. It is a clever kind of carry-all; work to overnight, market days to foreign stays. It boasts soft nylon webbing straps which feel great to the touch, and mould comfortably against your shoulder. The internal pockets sit flush against the walls of the bag, while two pop-out pockets store larger items like water bottles. Each one is crafted from robust, water-resistant fabric with a water-resistant zip closure for secure weather protection. (£109)

Bellroy Shift Backpack – £195

Equipped for the open road and dressed for the job, the Bellroy Shift Backpack (£195) has the performance you need while shifting through life’s ever changing adventures and environments. It has a quick-entry zip lets you grab things on the go, while another side pocket tucks away last-minute items and the slide hook provides secure closure, and the multi-level system lets you adjust your capacity. The organisation sits high up in this backpack for easy reach and to protect your devices from any crush. (£195)

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