1026 Studio INSPIRATION ™ Oversized & Instructional Mat

Finding workout gear that helps make the process more straightforward and rewarding is definitely alright in our book here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we’re big fans of this superb looking 1026 Studio INSPIRATION ™ Oversized & Instructional Mat which is taking Kickstarter by storm as we speak. Ideally suited for stretches, yoga and all your workout endeavours, you’ll definitely appreciate the informative nature of the design if you’re looking for a little workout guidance.

The 1026 Studio INSPIRATION ™ Oversized & Instructional Mat is available for the excellent price of just £50 during the early bird pricing of their Kickstarter campaign but make sure you move quickly to secure this price. Each one of these aesthetically superior mats is 100% safe (with 0.00% toxic materials), comfortable and oversized mat which has been expertly designed to help you stretch, do yoga and work out effortlessly in your own home or gym.

Fitness First

For this release, 1026 Studio sketched and printed hundreds of the best exercises directly on the surface of the mat so you’ve always got some inspiration during your workout endeavours. With the guides right there in the mat, you can workout effortlessly and focus on what really matters: namely, your feelings, your body and your overall well-being during your exercise routines.

The 1026 Studio INSPIRATION ™ Oversized & Instructional Mat (from £50) on Kickstarter has a cushioned 5mm TPE base for additional comfort during your workouts and cork has been chosen for the surface due to its excellent non-slip characteristics. Made from premium quality, raw materials, there is a real tangible sense of quality to this mat and it’s easy to see why it has flown past its funding target over on the crowdfunding platform.

Considerably larger than your average yoga mat, this brilliant bit of workout apparatus is filled with informative exercises and stretches for you to really make the most of your workouts. 1026 Studio know that a workout should be a time where you can focus on your body and wellbeing and with the INSPIRATION  Mat you don’t need to Google exercises and stretches as you have everything you need on the mat itself. Stay focus and enjoy the moment.

Quality Designs

At 1026 STUDIO, they have one objective: creating simple and useful products that can help you to feel better, everyday and this INSPIRATION ™ Oversized & Instructional Mat is a great example of this in action. They think that including stretching, yoga and strengthening exercises in your daily routine can be really beneficial both physically and mentally and that’s why they made this superb bit of kit.

Another driving force behind the creation of this fitness is essential is to encourage taking time offline, and this is why 1026 Studio made your workout more in the moment and less inclined to gravitate towards your smartphone. Put away the youtube classes and other fitness apps, put some music and focus on what really matter: your body, your feelings and your well being. Head on over to Kickstarter now to get yours for a bargain price.

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