1965 PORSCHE 911

If you look at the history of the vehicles we’ve written about here on the pages of The Coolector it will be abundantly clear that we’ve got more than a slight soft spot for classic Porsches but when there are offerings as majestic and refined as this 1965 Porsche 911 from Auxietre & Schmidt on the market, it’s not hard to see why. Boasting an unparalleled visual impact, this mesmerising machine is available to purchase from the luxury car specialists and if you’re in the market for a cornerstone car for your collection, look no further.

The 1965 Porsche 911 from Auxietre & Schmidt is a wonderful example of the calibre of machine Porsche were releasing at this time and if you’ve got a soft spot for vintage cars, it’s hard not to be bewitched by the aesthetic appeal of this particular steed. It has the chassis number 302621 and comes in its original and highly desirable Golf Blue livery that adds a touch of authenticity to the overall visuals of this majestic looking machine.

60’s Style

There is a tangible sense of old school cool to many of the cars released in the 1960s but none more so than this extraordinarily stylish 1965 Porsche 911 from Auxietre & Schmidt. It has a Swiss registration and it is, without question, one of the finest examples of an early 911 available to purchase today so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to make sure this is taking pride of place in your vintage car collection.

The 1965 Porsche 911 from Auxietre & Schmidt is a truly stunning restoration and it is in remarkable condition for a machine that is over half a century old. When Porsche began to assess ways of improving its successful 356 model in the mid-1950s, it soon became apparent that a mere evolutionary development would in not be sufficient and they decided to go for loftier goals. Such were the potential changes to the 356 that an entirely new model would be developed. The new Porsche would offer occupants more space, along with a stowage area that would allow sufficient room for a set of golf clubs and this is the fruit of those labours.

With the new Porsche model’s performance level being aimed at that of the 356 Carrera 2, while matching the refinement of the ‘regular’ 356, it is plain to see that this was always going to be a real crowd pleaser from Porsche. The basic layout of the platform was to be retained, as well as Porsche’s well-known silhouette, but they made some crucial changes that made it all the more impressive. Few sports cars have proved as versatile as Porsche’s perennial 911, a model that, for the last 50-plus years, has proved equally capable as a Grand Tourer, circuit racer, or rally car on the market.

Powerful Porsche

The 911 represented a real step forward in the performance potential of Porsche motor vehicles and this jaw-dropping one available from Auxietre & Schmidt is undoubtedly one of the finest to hit the open market in recent years. It is in immaculate condition both inside and out and drives like an absolute dream so if you’ve long held a desire to get your hands on a classic Porsche from the 1960s, now’s your chance – just don’t expect it to come cheap.

Eye-catching in the extreme and positively overflowing with effortlessly cool features, this is one of our favourite machines to date to become available from Auxietre & Schmidt, which is saying a lot because they have some truly out of this world steeds coming up for sale on their site.

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