2001 Husqvarna TE570 Bike

Owning a motorbike and going on a massive road trip is likely on the bucket list for a lot of men out there but finding the right steed for the journey needs to be a chief consideration. In our opinion here at Coolector HQ, you’ll struggle to find a more awesome two wheeled ally for a road trip than this excellent looking 2001 Husqvarna TE570 Bike which not only has unparalleled aesthetics but is also no slouch in the performance department.

The 2001 Husqvarna TE570 Bike is the handiwork of Moto-Mucci, a Portland based motorcycle design workshop that is the brainchild of David Mucci and they boast some of the coolest looking steeds that you’re likely to encounter. Expertly crafted and delivering some thoroughly impressive specifications, this is the sort of ride that dreams are made of and for anyone after a new motorbike, for a road trip or otherwise, the 2001 Husqvarna TE570 from Moto-Mucci would certainly be getting our vote.

Superb Specs

Finding a machine of this quality doesn’t come along every day and the 2001 Husqvarna TE570 Motorbike is going to appeal to a lot of petrolheads out there on the hunt for a new steed. Lightweight and nimble, it is the ideal bike for getting about urban landscapes or long open roads and the quality of the build and eye-catching visuals really are unparalleled and have left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ.

The Moto-Mucci 2001 Husqvarna TE570 Motorbike has been purpose built with the Pacific Northwest in mind and is ideally suited to tackling the sort of wilderness terrains and spectacular scenic roads that the region is famous for. The specifications on offer with this stunning steed will make impressive reading and include a 1973 Husqvarna CR360 Tank, custom 2-1 T304 stainless exhaust, Supernova LED tails / turn lights, Shinko 705 tires and a custom Alcantara and vinyl seat to name but a few.

Minimalism is a core design component of Moto-Mucci and that’s something that is evident in the aesthetics of the 2001 Husqvarna TE570 Bike and for those of you who want a striking machine couple with impeccable performance, this is certainly going to tick all of the right boxes. Stylish, versatile and a robust construction, this is the sort of bike that is perfect for any type of riding and the quality of the build from Moto-Mucci is second to none.

Ride in Style

The prospect of road trip is appealing in its own right but when you throw a mode of transportation in the mix as awesome looking as the 2001 Husqvarna TE570 Bike from Moto-Mucci, things inevitably get knocked up a notch. Offering a speedy, nimble solution to your road trip requirements, this miraculous looking steed is exactly the sort of bike that we’d gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ.

If you find yourself on the hunt for a new bike in the next few months, Moto-Mucci is a workshop that should well and truly be on your radar and it is this custom build that has really caught our eye here at The Coolector. Understated visuals combine with unparalleled performance to provide the sort of bike that handles like a dream and makes sure you look great whilst riding it.

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