2018 Jack Daniel’s® Limited Edition Indian® Scout® Bobber

There are so many great collaborations between brands that we come across here at Coolector HQ but far and away one of the coolest we’ve seen so far in 2018 is this awesome looking 2018 Jack Daniel’s®Limited Edition Indian®Scout® Bobber which is certainly one of the most striking motorbikes that you’re likely to encounter and, better still, is inspired by the volunteer firefighters at Jack Daniel’s distillery.

The 2018 Jack Daniel’s®Limited Edition Indian®Scout® Bobber  has a highly distinctive aesthetic that sets it apart and is a knowing nod to the great job that the volunteer firefighters do at the Jack Daniel’s distillery and first responders everywhere. This limited edition bike (only 177 will be made globally) has a visual superiority to it and if you manage to get your hands on one, you will be part of a very exclusive club.

Bold Visuals, Out Of This World Performance

With a starting price of $16,999, the 2018 Jack Daniel’s®Limited Edition Indian®Scout® Bobber manages to pack a lot of punch into that price point and if you’re wanting an extremely exclusive and superb performing steed, you’ll get exactly that with this magnificent machine. It boasts a subtle tone-on-tone matte black paint scheme, which has never been done by Indian Motorcycle before so that will make this limited edition offering appeal to motorbike enthusiasts even more.

Everywhere you look with the Jack Daniel’s®Limited Edition Indian®Scout® Bobber you’ll discover amazing design features which add to the performance and visual appeal of the bike. This includes fully blacked-out in premium finishes with gloss black valve covers, hand levers, rear fender struts, and exhaust tips and real 24 karat gold graphics on the tank and fenders, including the Jack Daniel’s®Fire Brigade emblem on the tank and the Jack Daniel’s® “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix” reminder on the front fender.

It’s not just the amazing bike that you’ll get if you’re one of the lucky 177 to get your hands on one because each Jack Daniel’s® Limited Edition Indian Scout Bobber comes with an authentic fireman’s axe with a wooden handle that has been custom-engraved with the owner’s name, motorcycle number (#001-#177), and unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). In addition to this, the Jack Daniel’s® Fire Brigade logo is also featured on the axe head so you’ll have a first class keepsake and useful tool to go alongside your bike.

Ride in Style

Gloriously well crafted and great to look at, the Jack Daniel’s®Limited Edition Indian®Scout® Bobber has a custom perforated genuine leather seat with “Jack Daniel’s®” embroidered in gold thread, custom foot controls, grips and pegs that feature the Jack Daniel’s® “Old No. 7 Brand” emblem and a gold Indian® Scout® tank emblem. All in all, making this one of the most aesthetically pleasing bikes from the brand to date in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

A fantastic collaboration between two much loved brands, this Jack Daniel’s®Limited Edition Indian®Scout® Bobber has definitely caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and is sure to resonate with any motorbike lover looking for a highly exclusive steed as their next purchase. Superbly well made and boasting an unparalleled visual appeal, there’s an awful lot to like wrapped up in the $17k price tag.

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