Best Made Co x Gerstner & Sons Field Chest

When perusing the Best Made Co site, it’s difficult to know what they specialise in because they literally do everything so well whether it be apparel, accessories or, in the case of this magnificent Best Made Co x Gerstner & Sons Field Chest, furniture and if you’re after the ultimate in classy storage solutions, you need look no further than this infinitely stylish offering which has been made in collaboration with Ohio based, Gerstner & Sons, and legendary illustrator, Ross MacDonald.

The Best Made Co x Gerstner & Sons Field Chest takes its design inspiration from an original chest owned by inventor and adventurer Robert Edison Fulton and this gives it a unique and mysterious aesthetic that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ. Wonderfully well crafted by Gerstner & Sons in Dayton, Ohio, this Field Chest looks incredible but its with its unparalleled storage capabilities that it really excels and if you’re looking for a striking focal point for your home or office, this would be our pick.

Quality from Top to Bottom

Boasting the sort of heirloom quality that you’ll want to pass from one generation to the next, the Best Made Co x Gerstner & Sons Field Chest is crafted from eye-catching and luxurious American cherry and boasts hand-fitted joinery, brass hardware, and 6-oz. leather (the same used for Best Made Co’s axe blade guards), which all combines to make this spectacular Field Chest a paragon of impeccable and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The Best Made Co x Gerstner & Sons Field Chest has twelve individually sized drawers and it delivers a tailored amount of storage space for every implement you can think of, from precision hand tools to fly-tying supplies. You’ll also find an extremely useful book cubby alongside storage nestled inside the doors which is perfectly suited to holding your essential reference manuals of the trade or much loved first editions books. The classy nature of this chest means it will be where you want to place all of your prized possessions.

It’s the little design flourishes that really bring this Best Made Co x Gerstner Field Chest to life such as the knurled brass knobs which adorn the lower drawers whereas the upper drawers boast cool library pulls with card slots which will help with identification and making sure everything is in its right place. The centerpiece clock has bee custom-made in Germany to exacting specifications from Best Made Co and the paneling behind effortlessly swings open to showcase a secret compartment for your most important pieces.

USA Made Excellence

Quality craftsmanship abounds with the construction of this Best Made Co x Gerstner Field Chest and, barring the aforementioned centre piece clock, which is German made, the rest of this amazing piece of furniture is made in the United States from nothing but the best materials. It is so exceptionally functional as a storage solution but it simply looks too good to be squirrelled away in a garage or outhouse that most people will want to have it proudly on display in their home.

The Best Made Co x Gerstner Field Chest is perfect for the DIY-er out there and comes emblazoned with the brand’s classic motifs – namely, the Famous Red sash and laser-etched BMC ruler. It is extremely well built to last and will be the new home to all the items that bring to life anyone’s most passionate pursuits. A stunning piece of design that has been built with considerable care and attention.

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