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We’re forever on the hunt for awesome artwork to dot about our workspace here at Coolector HQ and we typically favour the sort with a retro vibe and that’s why we’re we’ve fallen mighty hard for the incredible handiwork of the 2046 Print Shop and their great selection of space and science inspired prints.


For those on the hunt for some awesome new artwork to give their workspace a retro, space themed look and feel, the artwork of the 2046 Print Shop will fit the bill wonderfully well and each piece from this talented studio is inspired by science and crafted with the notion that with knowledge comes understanding.

Space Race

The 2046 Print Shop is the brain child of Justin Van Genderen who found himself traversing between theoretical physics and the U.S. National State Park System, constantly thinking about the likes of thermodynamics and other worldly formations that make up our universe. Each time Van Genderen had a new obsession, he designed a new poster and the end result was a fantastic array of prints that we can all enjoy.




As mentioned, the focus with these pieces is predominantly space exploration, science and national parks so they aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea perhaps but they’re certainly ours here at Coolector HQ and they boast a distinctive design flair that really makes them stand out. The prints from the 2046 Print Shop are each one-of-kind and few-of-a-kind hand-crafted offerings and they are made using screen and archival ink jet printing techniques.

Each one of the first class prints are screen printed and they are limited run designs that come signed and numbered by the artist – something that adds to their appeal still further. For any creatives that want to ramp up the style of their workspace with some excellent looking astrological or scientifically slanted artwork, the 2046 Print Shop should be your first port of call.

Devil in the Detail

What really stands out about many of these prints from the 2046 Print Shop is just how much detail has gone into their crafting with many pieces boasting an abundance of information about the theories they represent such as quantum mechanics, gravity and string theory. This adds a real touch of class to proceedings and makes for more engaging prints as a result.



For anyone who loves stylised, striking artwork and is on the hunt for some excellent scientific style pieces for their workspace or to dot around the home, you’ll find plenty that fit the bill with the top notch collection at the 2046 Print Shop. Magnificent, minimalist artwork.

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