Aerix Duet Music Centre

Music is the catalyst for all sorts of things – creativity, relaxation, parties – and ensuring that you’re delivering it at the best it can sound, you need to ensure you’re using the right equipment. So far as sound quality is concerned, we’ve seen few better devices than one we’ve just stumbled upon that goes by the name of the Aerix Duet Music Centre and it very much looks as though it will be an audophile’s dream ticket.


The Aerix Duet Music Centre is, on the face of it, a very simple looking construct but it is the gadgety goodness that is going on under the hood that will truly set this device apart and ensure that music lovers the world over will trust it with providing them with their listening pleasure.

Sounds Good

With simplicity being the overriding design objective with the Aerix Duet, there are no unnecessary bells and whistles to be found on this clever bit of tech and if you’re the sort that concerns yourself with quality sound over stand out aesthetics, you’ve just found your perfect musical ally. The dual box design of the Aerix Duet, which boasts aluminium plate vibration suppression in order to maximise the visual and auditory experience that it delivers, really is an impressive feature and one that goes a long way to explaining the quality of the audio it produces.




Boasting a feature called Breathing Light, the Aerix Duet is filled with clever little technological brilliances that set it apart and the Dot LED increases the legibility of the information it displays with the aforementioned Breathing Light provided information on the current state of the device. It’s all of the little design flourishes to be found with the Aerix Duet which made it catch our eye here at The Coolector and it is genuinely one of the most stand-out audio devices we’ve seen for some time.

A subwoofer / transducer delivers the impeccable sound quality of the Aerix Duet and regardless of where you stand in the room, the quality remains the same throughout. The device offers something called Dynamic Air Drive which is essentially robust vertical-firing drivers that compress airwaves downward into the acoustically designed panel at the foot of each unit. This provides the distributed sound evenly and consistently each time your Duet roars into life.

Universal Excellence

For those who demand versatility from their audio devices, the Aerix Duet is the perfect choice because it boasts the most advanced DTS Play-Fi module which permits you to listen to absolutely anything that you want. There are clearly an abundance of choices when it comes to listening to music and the DTS  Play-Fi module on the Aerix Duet brings together the likes of Spotify, Songza, Tidal, Deezer and plenty more besides to deliver high resolution music at the touch of a button.



Perhaps the most incredible feature of the Duet from Aerix is one that appeals to the nostalgic in us – namely, the fact it has a CD player within it which means that you can dust off those old CDs and enjoy them in style and crystal clear clarity. If, like us, you’ve still got an abundance of CDs lying around, this is one feature that is simply too good to be ignored. A technological marvel that superbly comingles the past with modern technology, this is one audio device that we’re hoping to get our hands on here at The Coolector.

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