4 Minimal Accessory Essentials for Father’s Day from Wayfinder

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, now is the time to get your gift giving mind in gear and find the perfect gift for your dad. If you’ve got a father that appreciates minimalism and well crafted EDC accessories – there is a brand out there that combines these two features admirably. They go by the name of Wayfinder and they have some of the coolest carries on the market in our opinion here at Coolector HQ – and will definitely have a product to keep your dad happy this Father’s Day.

It might seem strange to say but what really makes these wallets and accessories from Wayfinder really stand out from the crowd is their minimalist aesthetic. We all have ample distraction in our day to day lives. Wayfinder aims to reduce visual distractions one product at a time. Only the essential features are built-in to their accessories and that’s something that certainly appeals to our design sensibilities here at Coolector HQ. And, in this time of pandemics, you’ll be please to hear that all Wayfinder accessories are washable and wipeable with disinfectant wipes. So, in the midsts of COVID-19, it’s easy to keep your EDC clean.

Check out our pick of 4 of the best minimalist accessories from the guys at Wayfinder that will be perfect for Father’s Day below:

Wayfinder FLUX Cardholder – $36

Minimalism at its finest and the ideal gift for your dad this Father’s Day, say hello to the FLUX Cardholder from Wayfinder ($36). Incredibly lightweight and coming in around 4mm thick, the FLUX cardholder is the contemporary and minimal makeover your dad’s pocket is long overdue for. It has a capacity of up to 8 cards or bills – so, if your dad’s wallet has more than this, it’s high time he had a spring clean of the unnecessary.

A stand out feature of these brilliant, understated cardholders is the fact they have a 100% no sew, fully bonded / RF welded construction for a striking modern, minimal, and refined aesthetic. An ideal gift that will put you in your dad’s good books this Father’s Day. ($36)

Wayfinder GLITCH Data Blocking Card – $10

If your dad is a bit of a technophile and loves clever bits of kit for their EDC line up, this excellent GLITCH Data Blocking Card from Wayfinder ($10) is a perfect small gift for Father’s Day. With the emergence of contactless payment credit cards and passports with chips that have NFC (near field communication) enabled, a thief may no longer need to steal your wallet with credit cards and passports to have access to your data.

With the GLITCH from Wayfinder you can keep your data secure effortlessly. Place within 5cm of contactless reader enabled credit cards, passports, and other cards to hide and protect your data and personal information. Give your dad the gift of secure data this Father’s Day. ($10)

Wayfinder BORDERLESS Passport / Notebook Holder – $49

If you’re dad is a regular traveler (not during lockdown of course) or a frequent notetaker, you’ve just found the ideal gift this Father’s Day in the shape of this wonderfully minimalist Wayfinder BORDERLESS Passport / Notebook Holder ($49). Wayfinder decided to make a passport holder you can carry everyday.

The BORDERLESS Passport / Notebook Holder is the ideal ally for your passport when you travel internationally, and can be swapped out for a notebook for when you’re doing your morning commute to work. It has space for up to 6 cards and a passport or passport sized notebook and it is waterproof so it won’t get balmy and sweaty after carrying it while biking, running, or other activity that involves water, sweat, or other form of moisture. It has a tactile grip texture and feels great in your hand. It stays in your hand and your pocket during strenuous physical activity and, all importantly, will thwart pickpockets. Enhance your dad’s travel carry this Father’s Day courtesy of the guys at Wayfinder. ($49)

Wayfinder DAYBREAKER Bifold Wallet – $59

A wallet is a staple gift for Father’s Day and, truth be told, you just won’t find many better than the DAYBREAKER Bifold Wallet from Wayfinder ($59) anywhere on the market. If you’ve been looking at your dad’s bulky wallet for months now and decided he’s in need of a minimalist overhaul, this is the ideal wallet for the job. It is capable of holding multiple boarding passes, currency from all over the world, and up to an impressive 16 cards. Boasting a 100% no sew, fully bonded / RF welded construction for a contemporary, no-nonsense, and refined aesthetic, we’re loving this bifold here at Coolector HQ.

It is crafted from a hydrophobic material which means water beads off easily. If it does get wet, it will not stay wet so it will not let your dad down wherever his post Father’s Day adventures take him. It resists stretching over time and if you carry fewer items over time, these items will still stay put and will not fall out easily. Unlike other stiff, structured, and rigid wallets out there, Wayfinder’s rounded corners and bendable soft material will reduce “x-ray” wear patterns on apparel and keep pocket bulge to a minimum. ($59)

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