5 of the Best Bellroy Wallets

Australian accessories brand, Bellroy, have long been on our radar here at Coolector HQ and they are one of the best in the business so far as wallets, bags and other leather accessories are concerned. If you find yourself in need of a new wallet this summer, you’re in luck because they’ve got some absolute belters on their digital shelves right now.

Check out our pick of 5 of the best Bellroy wallets below:

Bellroy Note Sleeve Designer’s Edition – £160

Not your average looking wallet, the Bellroy Note Sleeve Designer’s Edition (£160) is a striking and mighty functional choice for those wanting to make their mark with their choice of wallet this summer. Capable of holding between four and eleven cards, you’ll have more than enough space for all your day to day essentials. It has three quick access slots with a pull tab section for easy access and it is crafted from distinctive European leather for an eye-catching aesthetic that will make it the cornerstone of your EDC line up. (£160)

Bellroy Slim Sleeve – £89

A classy, dapper looking accessory, the Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet (£89) will tick the style boxes for most men this summer and it is available in three different colourways so you can choose the one that best fits in with your line up of everyday carry. Holding between 4-12 cards, this excellent looking accessory from Bellroy has a slim profile that keeps your silhouette smooth and your pocket streamlined. Designed for minimalists with an eye for detail, the Slim Sleeve Wallet has a precise look complete with wrapped leather and a painted edge. (£89)

Bellroy The Square Wallet – £65

A more conventional looking offering, the Bellroy The Square Wallet (£65) has been specifically designed for larger currencies in order to accommodate them and it will again hold between 4-12 cards and flat bills. Made from premium, environmentally certified leather, this great looking wallet has a hidden pocket for extra cards or business cards and it is a contemporary accessory that still feels familiar and easy to use. This wallet is designed to hold larger currencies like the Euro, Pounds and Yen with precision. Space only where you need it, no excess. (£65)

Bellroy Coin Fold Wallet – £75

If you’re the sort that still has a pocket full of change on a daily basis, then this Bellroy Coin Fold Wallet (£75) is the one for you. It has space for both your cash and coins and an innovative design which means it remains streamlined in the pocket. The Coin Fold Wallet has a flap closure with a latch and a pinch opens the coin pouch and releases a leather ridge, making it easy to tip coins out and avoid those awkward fumbles. Crafted from just three panels of leather, the back section includes a latch to hold your contents secure, and coins sit flat to keep bulk to a minimum. (£75)

Bellroy All Conditions Wallet – £99

If you’re after something a bit more versatile and adventure ready in the accessories department, look no further than this Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet (£99) which will help you protect your personal, work and travel essentials in an organised pocket. With space for 4-12+ cards and room for a passport and iPhone 7/7 Plus or similar, the All-Conditions Wallet has five internal pockets for coins, keys, folded bills and cables and YKK zipper for extra robustness on your travels or outdoor adventures. It has multiple slots inside ensure everything stays organised and water-resistant zips keep your things safe in the most chaotic conditions. (£99)

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