5 Lockdown Essentials from Camden Town Brewery

With a few promising signs that the lockdown may soon be relaxed a little, we’re still looking to get our hands on some online craft beer deliveries and one brewery’s online shop we often find ourselves gravitating towards is that of Camden Town Brewery and their awesome line up of ales and merch.

Check out our pick of 5 Lockdown Essentials from Camden Town Brewery below:

Camden Town Heroes Lager

Needless to say, those working on the front-lines during the pandemic are the real heroes and the Heroes Lager from Camden Town Brewery is a celebration of their efforts and endeavours to keep us all safe and well during the lockdown. The brewery is offering a free 6-pack of this delicious ale to NHS workers and the new can artwork is a nod to those in the medical industry and such is the popularity of this charitable release that it sells out almost as soon as it has been brewed.

Hells Lager 24 Pack – £34

Hells Lager is the lovechild of Camden Town Brewery’s two favourite German beer styles – namely, Helles and Pilsner. Classic, crisp and refreshing – you’ll be powering through these so the 24 pack (£34) is the obvious choice. It’s the beer they always wanted to drink and the reason they started their brewery. At 4.6% this is a bit of a session ale that’s easy-drinking and delicious and we’ll definitely be getting our hands on a pack or two before lockdown comes to an end. (£34)

Camden PALE Ale 12 Pack – £18

A favourite tipple of ours here at Coolector HQ, you can get your hands on a 12 Pack of Camden PALE Ale for £18 right now. Inspired by American beers, Camden Town Brewery have crafted this beer to more akin to British Tastes when it comes to craft beers. It is hoppy, fruity and dry, and all at an effortlessly drinkable 4%. Made with American hops, its still got all the punch of a pale ale. Just a touch less shouty. (£18)

Camden Off Menu IPA 4 Pack – £7

You can’t beat a good IPA in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and the Off Menu IPA from Camden Town Brewery is one of the best in the business. Brewed because their ideal IPA wasn’t on the menu, so they made it. Resisting piling up a variety of hops like toppings on a burger, they held the pickles and did things their way. Sandwiching together light malts, clean Cali ale yeast, and early harvest Simcoe hops. Just what the Brewers ordered. Great value for money with this Off Menu IPA 4 Pack costing just £7.

Kenneth Pint Glass – £5

You’ll need a receptacle for all your craft beer needs during lockdown and this Kenneth Pint Glass from Camden Town Brewery (£5) fits the bill. From the pen and mind of Sir Kenneth Grange, designer, and friend of Camden Town Brewery. He took it upon himself to design the perfect glass for Hells Lager. It is the lovechild of the brewery’s two favourite beer styles, Helles and Pilsner, and the glass combines the best bits of the proper glasses for serving both beers with the faceted steins of Helles and slinder Pilsner top. The glass features the Camden Town Brewery logo on one side and our distinctive “Beer” script on the other. (£5)

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