5 of the Best Apparel Essentials from Western Rise

We don’t know about you but, during the lockdown, we’re spending an undue amount of time looking for additions to our summer wardrobe rotation here at Coolector HQ and this led us firmly to the door of Western Rise and their well-stocked digital shelves filled with awesome apparel for any outdoor adventures you’ve got planned when the lockdown comes to an end.

Check out our pick of 5 of the best apparel essentials from the guys at Western Rise below:

Western Rise Limitless Merino Polo Shirt – $99

A highly versatile shirt which has been designed for travel, outdoors, and every day wear. It can be worn more and washed less which makes it better for the environment. It’s cut lean, tailored, and ready for any adventure. The magic is in Western Rise’s unique blended Australian Merino wool knit fabric, which lets this shirt keep pace with your active lifestyle.

The Limitless Merino Polo Shirt from Western Rise ($99) is odour resistant, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, wrinkle resistant, and is capable of stretching in every direction to move with your body. It really is the one shirt you can wear day-in and day-out, regardless of the weather, occasion, or location. Wonderfully well crafted from the yarn up to combine high performance with t-shirt comfort, this innovative piece of apparel from Western Rise replaces at least three shirts in your bag. ($99)

Western Rise Division Pants – $138

After 3 years of development, Western Rise are delighted to introduce the ultimate everyday pant. Billed as the first of its kind, the Diversion Pant from Western Rise ($138) is designed to be more robust than workwear, more comfortable than sweatpants, and more stylish than jeans. A real triple threat.

Each pair is stretchy enough for leg day, elegant enough to be worn for work, and tough enough for your life. The Diversion Pant provides unparalleled freedom and comfort with an impressive 4-way stretch, a gusset for movement, and an ultra-soft, breathable inner lining. It’s Western Rise’s slimmest-cut pant, but your movement isn’t inhibited. It’s also treated with an advanced DWR treatment to resist water and stains. The no-nonsense canvas face is abrasion resistant and helps the pant retain its shape. ($138)

Western Rise X Cotton Everyday Tee – $48

The X Cotton Everyday T-Shirt from Western Rise ($48) is a performance cotton tee that is ultra-soft, stretches in every direction, wicks moisture, and resists odours. Billed as the ideal everyday t-shirt – it provides the ultimate in everyday comfort for multiple days of wear.

Western Rise love cotton t-shirts for their minimalistic aesthetic, but couldn’t find a fabric that lived up to their standards. They wanted something with structure and drape that looked brilliant on its own. Western Rise required a fabric that have the capacity to stretch and wick sweat when we move, but fight odours for multiple days of wear when traveling. What they found was a heavyweight, yet incredibly soft cotton, polyester, and spandex blend that looks and feels incredible. ($99)

Western Rise StrongCore Merino Hoodie – $110

The Western Rise StrongCore Merino Hoodie ($110) is super soft, odour-resistant, and temperature regulating. It came to exist because Western Rise refused to compromise on comfort or robustness. They love hoodies but wanted to create something with a more elevated style for daily wear without compromising upon performance.

Western Rise sought the unbeatable performance of their StrongCore Merino Tee, so they utilised the same core-spun nylon/Merino yarn. A luxuriously soft, 18.5 micron Merino wool fibre which has been spun around a strong, uncompromising, rapid-drying nylon fibre. This yarn knits up effortlessly into a sweater that is softer and more robust than a pure wool fabric and drapes beautifully.  Cut slightly lean, the StrongCore Merino Hoodie is ready for all of your active pursuits, whether that’s traveling the world or just plain everyday wear. ($110)

Western Rise StrongCore Merino Socks – $19

One perfect sock for all day, every day, you’ll want to add plenty of these Western Rise StrongCore Merino Socks ($19) to your sock drawer. The ideal socks for life, work, and travel that can be worn more and washed less. With odour-resistance and temperature regulation, the StrongCore Merino Crew Socks are the ONE perfect sock for ultimate comfort, durability and style. Western Rise have set out to engineer the best and most comfortable pair of outdoor/everyday/travel socks available on the market and, from what we can see, it’s mission well and truly accomplished. The daily sock, elevated. ($19)

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