5 of the best Damn Handsome Grooming Co choices for Lockdown

It goes without saying that, whilst we’re in a lockdown situation right now, we’re still on the hunt for the best men’s grooming products here at Coolector HQ and that always leads us back to the digital shelves of American brand, Damn Handsome Grooming Co are the perfectly packed line up of wares.

Check out our pick of 5 of the best Damn Handsome Grooming Co products for your lockdown grooming routine below:

Fresh IPA Beer Soap – $15

Needless to say, we’re big craft beer fans here at The Coolector and that extends to our grooming products which is why we’re big of this Fresh IPA Beer Soap from Damn Handsome Grooming Co ($15). It is a sudsy balance of citrusy hops and subtle piney, floral notes – which is reminiscent of a real life IPA. This is one soap that hits you in the face, then leaves that skin replenished, completely energised and refreshingly clean. ($15)

Coconut Porter Hair Serum – $18

This no-nonsense, leave-in Damn Handsome Grooming Co Coconut Porter Hair Serum ($18) helps protect, hydrate and replenish essential vitamins while soothing your hair’s rough cuticles. What this means for you? Essentially, better hair retention of the essential moisture that prevents frizz and keeps your hair from turning into a dry, brittle mess – hence less breakage and a healthier head of hair. Win, win. ($18)

Hair & Whisker Wax – $24

There’s definitely going to be some unkempt facial fuzz during the Corona lockdown but you can help keep things under control with this awesome Hair & Whisker Wax from Damn Handsome Grooming Co ($24). Despite its name, there are loads of ways to use this top notch product. Inside you’ll find hair and mustache wax which has been crafted from natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, and even beer hops.

For your mane, it delivers a medium hold which effortlessly washes out with shampoo and conditioner. For your face, it will rejuvenate your beard and moustache’s shine, as well as delivering hold for stray hairs. The tough wax can even help out with cracked skin, butcher blocks, and cuticle repair. ($24)

Solid Cologne – $16

An essential piece of EDC, these top notch Solid Colognes from Damn Handsome Grooming Co ($16) are available in two different scents – namely, American Ale and Scotch Ale – so you can plump for the one that best aligns with your own aromatic tastes. There is something about a solid cologne that just seems to stay on the skin longer, which allows the fragrance to evolve throughout the day with your own body chemistry. Also, they’re much more mobile than regular colognes which makes for much easier touch-ups and reapplications. ($16)

PSA Beer Soap – $16

There most applicable for our list given the current lockdown situation, this PSA Beer Soap from Damn Handsome Grooming Co ($16) has a very valid message of “Wash Your Hands And Drink Beer“. This liquid beer soap is made especially for hands, body and even faces so it’s a mighty versatile offering for these quarantine times. Each bottle is made in small batches then poured by hand for a true, intoxicating artisan experience. It has notes of Grapefruit, Hops & Orange Peel for a pleasing aroma that lasts for ages. An essential addition to your line up of grooming products during lockdown. ($16)

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