5 of the Best Home Cameras from KAMI

Keeping your home safe and secure is a must in the 21st century and far and away one of the best ways of doing this is by investing in some home camera apparatus. KAMI are one of the best in the business in this regard so we’ve checked out 5 of the best home camera solutions from their amply stocked digital shelves. Check out our picks below:

YI Home Camera 1080p

If you’re looking to connect to your home anytime, anywhere, the YI Home Camera in 1080p is the one for you. It allows you to record in 24/7 in crystal clear 1080p HD and the two way audio allows you to communicate with your family or remind potential intruders that you still have eyes on your home. It boasts eight individual 940nm infrared LEDs, which automatically turn on infrared (IR) in low light conditions, allowing you to see clearly in the dark and it is billed as your personal around-the clock security guard. You’ll get accurate detection using our advanced motion detection algorithms. You can also customise timeframes for Activity Alert notifications, which are automatically sent to app.

YI Dome Camera X

Using advanced motion algorithms to detect moving objects and automatically capture and track their movement trajectory, it’s hard not to be impressed with the performance potential of the YI Dome Camera X. Smart motion tracking keeps up with everything, so you don’t have to and it is extremely flexible in where you can place it. Mount or place the YI Dome Camera X according to the layout of your home or business. This camera records in Full HD 1080P and has 340° degree rotation and 95° degree tilt capabilities, so you won’t miss a single detail. Every YI security camera is officially Alexa compatible and will work with any screen-based Alexa device. You can use the Alexa Skill to turn on your camera or view its live feed with a simple voice command.

KamiBaby Smart Monitor

Billed as your all-in-one intelligent companion for your baby and toddler, the KamiBaby Smart Monitor gives new parents that extra peace of mind that comes from having eyes and ears on their baby at all times. It will detect if your baby is crying and sends a notification in seconds and you can record and play your voice as a soothing tune for your baby while you are away. It is more than a baby monitor. It uses the latest AI and Edge computing technologies, which are designed to make the parenting experience easier. Every parent with KamiBaby can keep track of their baby or toddler, receive relevant alerts, and have an extra pair of eyes to help make parenting a little bit easier within those precious first few years.

YI Outdoor Camera

The IP-65 Weather Resistant design of the provides constant security. No matter the weather, come rain or shine. You can see clearly, no matter how dark it gets, courtesy of the enhanced night vision. The YI Outdoor Camera is built to withstand the wind and rain to provide safety and reliability. Waterproof, dustproof and durable against the ever-changing outdoor environment, this camera is here to stay. It boasts full HD video quality – high resolution Images in 1080P resolution, combined with a 110° lens and universal ball mount delivers clarity in every direction. The 12 850nm infrared night vision supports automatic colour switch filter in low light. YI Outdoor’s night vision records at 20fps to produce a smooth video, with no ghost artefacts and has a visual distance of up to 50 feet.

Kami Wire-Free Camera

This hassle-free, Kami Wire Free Camera is purpose built to protect your home anytime, anywhere. You can place it anywhere, without worrying about cables and enjoy panoramic views spanning over 140° degrees at Full HD 1920×1080 quality resolution. It is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, which is why this camera is able to be totally wire-free. Once fully charged, it can record for a whole month or up to 2800 alert triggers. Whether you’re away on holiday or just not home, you can use the Kami Home App to keep tabs on your sitter, check in on your pets, or simply monitor your house.

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