Val Tidone Country House

Living a rural life in the heart of the countryside with verdant hills all around is something which seems mighty appealing right now truth be told and if it were to be in a property as breathtaking as this Val Tidone Country House, we’d definitely be biting your hand off here at Coolector HQ. Located in the Val Tidone region of Italy, this stunning piece of contemporary architecture has been designed by Studio Koster and it is perfectly positioned in some of Italy’s most scenic hillscapes.

Expertly designed throughout, Val Tidone Country House from Studio Koster is a contemporary, larch-clad house which has undoubtedly captured our imagination here at The Coolector. The barn-inspired property is located in the hills surrounding Piacenza and it has been designed as a weekend getaway for a client based in Milan, who likes to spend her free time in the countryside with her partner and dogs.

Laid Back Italian Vibes

Val Tidone Country House has a modern layout, with abundant space for entertaining guests and family. The large living and dining spaces open up to the landscape, and there are four generous double bedrooms, all with their own en-suite bathrooms. To achieve this impressive space without delivering a building that looked out of place in the landscape, Studio Koster based their design on the agricultural barns seen throughout this region of Italy, rather than the traditional farmhouses.

By reinterpreting the single-storey, gabled forms of these wooden structures, Studio Koster was able to find a more minimal, modern aesthetic for Val Tidone Country House. The client didn’t want a traditional building with no bricks, no exposed stone, and no terracotta floors or roof tiles. The main idea for the design of the house was to create a non-invasive architecture that integrates with the beauty of the flowing hills and its natural agricultural scenery, without the rustic feeling. Mission accomplished.

The majestic looking home features walls which have been clad in larch, high ceilings and large barn-style doors for a pleasing, open plan feel. Patios are dotted around the exterior of the home, as part of a wild and varied garden designed by landscape architect Antonio Perazzi. Internally, the house revolves around the kitchen and dining room, which extends outdoors in the form of a raised terrace.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability was a key focus for the client behind Val Tidone Country House, so it is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. Its orientation allows it to make optimum use of solar energy and radiant heat, and there is also a geothermal heating/cooling system in place. Meanwhile, the garden is designed to facilitate biodynamic farming.

We love clever and sustainable architecture like this one from Studio Koster here at Coolector HQ and it is afforded some spectacular views that add to its appeal still further. A great choice of materials and design principles really do elevate this contemporary piece of architecture to whole new levels and it’s hard not to be impressed with what has been achieved here.

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