5 of the most iconic Arkonik Land Rover Defender Builds

So far as Land Rover Defender restorations are concerned, there is one workshop that is always at the front and centre of our thinking here at Coolector HQ and that is Arkonik. We’ve yet to encounter anyone who delivers more striking and impressively restored Land Rover Defenders than Arkonik and we’ve been covering their amazing builds for a few years now so it’s high time we looked at some of their best builds to date.

Check out our pick of 5 of the most iconic Arkonik Land Rover Defender builds below:

ARKONIK TETON D110 Land Rover Defender

Through creative consultation, Arkonik were able to build a Defender which is both spectacular to look at and versatile beyond belief with an excellent array of overland equipment. As the name suggests, the ARKONIK TETON D110 Land Rover Defender was specifically tailored to its intended use in the Teton Mountain range, Wyoming, USA.

This vehicle retains a soul of durability and adventure, with every element of its impeccable design considered for life off-road. Yet, through understated modifications, the TETON delivers unparalleled luxury and comfort for every adventure it will be taking. From the Raptor paint finish to the Safety Devices® roll-cage, this is one Defender that is ready to rock wherever you take it. Each and every element of the design has been chosen for its merit and performance potential. It comes equipped for adventure and this exemplary machine is ideal for making off-roading memories that will last a lifetime.

On the inside, the Arkonik TETON is finished with ‘everyday’ luxury for an active family, whose lifestyle includes skiing and hiking. The flexible seating configuration is trimmed in opulent Black leather with a diamond cross stitch detail and bespoke headrest design throughout. In addition to the Pioneer® Touch screen display with Apple® Car Play and reversing camera display. 

Arkonik SHIRE D90 Land Rover Defender

The SHIRE D90 Defender from Arkonik is a pure and faithful reincarnation of the iconic Land Rover Defender and one of our favourite builds to date from this classy workshop. This external design aims to truly embrace the working roots of these original workhorse vehicles and, as you can see, Arkonik have pulled it off with aplomb. The classic silhouette is uninterrupted, with OEM features accentuating the countryside look of this restored 1989 D90.

Arles Blue is a traditional Land Rover colour that was first introduced in 1991 and it really makes this build stand out from the crowd today. Arkonik’s client has perfectly paired this statement colour with a Chawton White roof and 16” steel wheels, an OEM hood and coloured side lights to deliver a Defender in true heritage style that it’s hard not to fall in love with.

The interior is where SHIRE really comes into its own with a touch of contemporary comfort, with heated Elite Sports seats and a Pioneer® touch screen sound system, integrating Apple® Car Play and a reversing camera display. The Ruskin Design® upholstery does a superb job of complimenting the exterior paintwork with Nutmeg Brown leather trim and matching suede headlining.

Arkonik Reef D90 Land Rover Defender

Designed for an outdoor loving couple who wanted a real beach buggy to cater for their Florida lifestyle at New Smryna beach, the Arkonik Reef D90 Land Rover Defender is definitely one of the workshop’s most vibrant offerings to date. As a soft-top, the Reef allows them to breath in the sea air as they traverse along the sands, taking in the views and seeking out very best surf spots Florida has to offer.

Boasting Sky Blue bodywork which is perfectly complemented by silver accents and includes chequer plate and a KBX® Signature grille, this is a supremely striking steed and one we’ve always had a soft spot for here at Coolector HQ. Chawton White steel wheels and a tan hood round out the design of this Defender, and delivers a style which radiates those bright and breezy beach vibes.

The cracked Analine leather interior and polished wooden flooring are the order of the day with this fantastic D90. The owners wanted to come up with a vehicle which made them feel like they’d gone back in time and these key features, alongside the humble analogue controls, combine to produce something truly classic and unique.

Arkonik Ember Land Rover Defender D110

Every single Arkonik Defender that they restore and reimagine is unique and special and none more so than this, frankly spectacular, Ember Land Rover Defender D110. Some owners will base their spec on a previous build that Arkonik have done, whereas others will start with a blank canvas. Whatever the inspiration, Arkonik love to see our vehicles come to life and this visually vibrant station wagon is no exception.

Needless to say any Defender is likely to get admiring glances. However, this 110 will stop onlookers where they stand. The iridescent Light My Fire paintwork is a natural highlight that is a real head-turner. This striking exterior is offset with classic shades of Satin Black and Chawton White, plus select accessories all combine to complete this modern take on an automotive icon.

With a whole host of beautiful leather hides to choose from, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own Defender from Arkonik. This owner chose to compliment the exterior with a Beechwood leather and diamond cross stitch trim. Flexible accommodation is provided and assured with a 2+2+4 configuration.

Arkonik Bison D110 Land Rover Defender

Strength, stamina and dominance rolled into one, it’s hard not to be blown away by the Arkonik Bison D110 Land Rover Defender. Every bit as bold and powerful as its name would suggest, this awesome build has been fortified with a 3.5L V8 engine and Raptor Black paintwork that delivers a robust and adventure ready performance that will tackle any terrain that you can throw at it.

Every feature of this brilliant build encompasses the bold and brave luxury specs that Arkonik strive to build with all their clients. With this owner opting for a Raptor Black body, First Four® Shadow Tubular A-bar, and Front Runner ® Slimline II Roof rack, the exterior of BISON truly emanates its might and falls nothing short of extraordinary in terms of the quality of the finish.

It’s not just the exterior finish that ensures the BISON’s finesse. With executive Black Nappa leather and diamond cross-stitch trim, complete with red seam accents and the owner’s bespoke artwork crafted into the headrests, this Land Rover’s interior aesthetic champions its unique aplomb without missing a beat.

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