Logan Pavilion

Wyoming is one of America’s most picturesque states and is home to some amazing wilderness properties of which Logan Pavillion is definitely one of our favourites here at Coolector HQ. CLB Architects co-founder Eric Logan took it upon himself to renovate his self-designed home in Jackson, Wyoming, and during the process added a cold-rolled steel gabled roof and a new kitchen that delivers an amazing visual impact to the property.

Logan Pavillion was originally built in 1997 so it was long overdue a revamp but few could have expected it to look as new and invigorating as what has been achieved here. The original shingle roof was replaced with corrugated steel and long, low form and gabled roof echo the hay sheds that populate the rural landscape in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in this part of the United States.

Out with the Old

The new roof is made from corrugated cold-rolled sheet steel that is naturally weathering to an attractive ruddy hue and will look better and better the longer it is in situ. Deep overhangs shelter the house from sun and snow – a prevalent problem in this part of Wyoming. Logan had always wanted a metal roof for the house, but had originally come up against a brick wall in this plan and was forced to adopt a shingle roof instead.

When the house was first constructed over two decades ago, it was done on a small budget and constructed in just four months. Its kitchen was beginning to show signs of wear and tear (understandable given over 20 years of use), so Logan renovated the room using more hardwearing materials this time around and the end result definitely looks the part in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Black steel is excellently complemented by the home’s original material palette, which includes oiled concrete floors and wall panelling which was crafted from oiled masonite, which is a kind of engineered wood that really delivers an impressive visual impact. Floor-to-ceiling glazing in the living areas of the Logan Pavillion perfectly frame the mesmeric views of the Teton mountain range beyond.

Superior Exterior

Logan Pavillion’s exterior was also restained during this renovation process and he added new decking as part of the build as well – all of which have really ramped up the aesthetic impact of this wonderfully rustic looking home. There are four decks, one on each side of the house which are perfect for relaxing and unwinding in nature during the warm summer months of the year.

The largest deck is semi-sheltered by the house’s roof, which overhangs by several metres supported by slim columns so, when the sun gets too hot, it’s where the homeowners can head for shelter. A brilliant restorative piece of architecture and one that we’re particularly partial to here at Coolector HQ.

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