5 of the Best Taylor Stitch Bargains

If you’re not content with your wardrobe heading into Fall and want to bag some apparel bargains to pad it out, Taylor Stitch should definitely be one of your first ports of call because they’ve got a cracking sale on currently chock full of bargains to be had. Whether you’re looking for shirts, shorts or outerwear, they’ll have something that will more than fit the bill and for a bargain price to boot.

Check out 5 of the best bargains to be had on the Taylor Stitch site right now below:

Road Tripper Heavy Bag Tee – Was $45 Now $29

Taylor Stitch’s co-founder Mikey’s is responsible for this Day Tripper Heavy Bag Tee ($29) and this cream-colored VW Squareback is as familiar a sight to dwellers of San Francisco’s Mission district as it is to the beachgoers of his home turf in Bolinas, CA. A slick mode of travel is only as good as the trip it takes you on, though, which is why this limited edition Heavy Bag Tee is dedicated to all the travellers out there. Made from upcycled and recycled yarns, which are shredded and respun, this is the first truly waterless fabric and emits only trace amounts of CO2. ($29)

Bo Boardie Shorts – Was $88 Now $59

These awesome looking Bo Boardie Shorts from Taylor Stitch ($59) are made from recycled polyester which takes some cues from virgin polyester–namely, its strength and flexibility—but is manufactured using post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste, which makes these shorts much more environmentally friendly because it helps keep plastic out of our oceans and landfills. The coolest part is that when the time comes, these shorts can be recycled all over again. A touch of spandex guarantees The Bo Boardie won’t get in the way of your breaststroke and give you the flexibility required for any outdoor adventure. ($59)

Inverness Bomber in Navy – Was $198 Now $119

The Taylor Stitch Inverness Bomber in Navy ($119) was first conceived as a civilian-oriented update to the flight jackets developed for pilots during the First World War. Needless to say, the bomber jacket remains a style staple and Taylor Stitch’s latest take on this indispensable classic delivers all of the finest features of its predecessors. As generations of trendsetters have proven, you don’t have to be above the clouds to appreciate the utility and looks of a well-built bomber. Made from recycled polyester which keeps the best elements of conventional polyester (insulating and hydrophobic properties, robustness) but needs 30-50% less energy to produce and relies exclusively on recycled materials. An eye-catching and unique quilted pattern adds intricacy to the clean silhouette. ($119)

Moto Boot – Was $348 Now $260

Like all of their creations, Taylor Stitch have put their blood, sweat, and tears into The Moto Boot ($260) has been built for the long haul. Across the toughest terrains, under the harshest circumstances, Taylor Stitch have definitely put these boots through their paces in just about every trial imaginable and they have yet to find their breaking point so you know they’ll keep pace with any adventures you’ve got afoot out on the open road. Made from 4-oz. Waterproof Espresso Grizzly leather with soft natural pigskin lining, these boots offer unparalleled comfort and aesthetic appeal. ($260)

Democratic Jeans – Was $178 Now $109

Put simply, the better the denim, the better the jeans and they don’t come much better than these Democratic Jeans from Taylor Stitch ($109). After a year of development, Taylor Stitch were rightly proud to offer their very first 100% organic cotton selvage denim which is overflowing with eye-catching design detail. Every step of their process— from growth to cultivation to construction—has been reconsidered and retooled to create a sustainably manufactured pair of jeans that look and feel amazing. Responsibly rebuilt from the ground up for the long haul. ($109)

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