Hand Embroidered Notebooks

If you’re the note-taking sort then chances are you’re a creative chap and, if that’s the case, you’ll likely appreciate these frightfully creative Hand Embroidered Notebooks by FabulousCat Papers which boast a highly striking visual that will add a good deal of aesthetic awesomeness to your note-taking in the future. These supremely cool notepads are impressive to say the least and they feature hand-crafted Japanese paper embroidery of all manner of artistic excellence on their covers that will sate the design tastes of any creative industry fellow.

The work of Athens based, FabulousCat Papers, these spiffing notepads have designs to suit most tastes out there and these include the likes of geometrical designs, eye-catching anatomical offerings and various works of wildlife that really stand out from the crowd. For anyone in the market for a stand-out notepad that doesn’t conform to the norm then these will definitely fall into that category and you can see a few of our favourite designs below:





There is clearly a lot of time and endeavour that has gone into the creations of these cracking notepads from FabulousCat Paper and if you often find you lack that spark of creativity when you come to taking notes, these should be the ideal catalyst for driving it. We’re not regular handwritten note-takers here at Coolector HQ but that may be because we’ve not got an excellent recipient of our notes such as these top notch notepads from FabulousCat but there are dozens of designs to choose from and we’re definitely hoping to get our hands on some before too long.

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