6 Home Office Essentials from PORVATA

Working from home is looking increasingly likely to become a way of life for more and more of us and turning your attention to your home office setup will definitely stand you in good stead in the long run. In order to work productively in your own home, you need a setup that mimics your office work environment as much as possible and finding the right furniture and accessories is a must. If you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, you’ll be turning to brands like PORVATA to complete your home office because they boast a stellar lineup of desks, office furniture and accessories that will turn your current unproductive workspace into a hub of creativity.

PORVATA began with a simple objective – namely, that no matter how you work, you deserve an environment that enhances your focus and creativity and, in the hectic world of working from home that has been thrust upon people of late, this is often easier said than done. That’s where brands like PORVATA come in. They can’t wait to help you come up with your perfect home office through their great range of products that are designed to improve your productivity and give you the balance you deserve.

Check out our pick of 6 of the best home office essentials from PORVATA below:

Butcher Block 72” Motorized Standing Desk ($1099)

With the PORVATA Butcher Block 72″ Motorized Standing Desk ($1099) you can turn your workspace into your own personal oasis which is built upon the brand’s Atlas adjustable office desk. Each one of these eye-catching workspaces comes with a quick-access control panel to change your work style from sitting to standing in a matter of mere seconds. This effortlessly adjustable home office desk is perfectly suited for those in need of a more flexible and active work routine. This classy looking standing desk from PORVATA is available in two wood finishes – namely, Espresso and Golden Teak – so you can elevate your workspace’s décor and ambience. ($1099)

Ergonomic Office Chair ($349)

This is a one seriously ergonomic chair that will revolutionise the way you work. Underneath the beautiful hour-glass frame of the PORVATA Ergonomic Office Chair ($349) sit all of the features and performance you would expect from a corner office chair – and then some. This commercial-grade chair can be yours at direct from the manufacturer pricing. It boasts eight points of adjustment and comes with ultra-premium chair controls. Multi-surface wheels allow for effortless transition from wood to carpet. ($349)

Pedestal Rolling Storage Unit ($300)

Keeping your workspace organised and free from clutter is a must in order to be as productive and creative as possible and with this Pedestal Rolling Storage Unit from PORVATA ($300) you’ll be able to achieve that objective with aplomb. It is a top of the line mobile organizer for your home office and you can easily customise it to match your other furniture and make your Pedestal pop whilst being incredibly functional. It’s ready to go right out of the box and no assembly is required (except screwing the wheels into place) so it’s a real win, win in our book here at The Coolector. ($300)

Clamp-On Desktop Power Outlet ($89)

Keep your tech juiced and your workspace organised with this great Clamp-On Desktop Power Outlet from PORVATA ($89). This small but perfectly formed workspace accessory allows you to upgrade your surface power options. If you’re anything like us, your workspace will be chock full of gadgetry that will need charging from time to time and with this Clamp-On Desktop Power Outlet, you’ll be able to ensure they always keep their batteries fuelled. ($89)

Custom L-Shaped Executive Office Desk ($799)

If a standing desk isn’t your thing and you need a bit more space to work with, this PORVATA Custom L-Shaped Executive Office Desk ($799) is going to be ticking plenty of the right boxes. It measures 72 inches by 30 inches with a 42 inch by 24 inch return, meaning that this fantastic looking L-Shaped Desk comfortably fits a dual-monitor, laptop computer, printer and much more of your everyday working from home essentials. Each one is crafted in PORVATA’s Ohio factory with eco-friendly recycled wood fibers and it is available in a range of premium wood-grain finishes to fit your home office style. ($799)

Ergonomic Rocker ($199)

We all need something to lean on and, for your home office, it should be PORVATA’s Ergonomic Rocker. This chair boasts a 360-degree pneumatic mechanism, 10-degree tilt and broad height range allow you to mix up the way you work throughout your hectic working day. This isn’t your average office stool chair; PORVATA’s ergonomic office stool pairs perfectly with your height-adjustable table so you can pick when your legs need to take a rest. Designed to be compact enough to compress and effortlessly fit underneath your office desk, you can store this ergonomic stool with ease for when you need some extra space in the office to walk around and keep your mind and body active. ($199)

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