6 of the best infographic prints from Pop Chart Labs

We love prints here at Coolector HQ and our walls are adorned with more than you can shake a stick at truth be told. Well, we’ve got a particular penchant for infographic style prints and nobody does these better than American design studio, Pop Chart Lab, who have taken pretty much all walks of life under their purview – from beer to birds and everything in between. Check out our pick of 6 of the best infographic prints from Pop Chart Labs below:

National Parks Scratch-Off Chart ($25)

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Offering you the opportunity to keep track of your wilderness adventures to the national parks of the US, the Pop Chart Labs National Parks Scratch Off Chart ($25) is a real favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ and there are plenty on our own bucket list. Delicately scratch off the top layer off any site you’ve visited both to remember your adventures there and unveil a full-colour vista beneath. From Grand Canyons and Tetons to Great Basins, Sand Dunes, and Smoky Mountains, this extensive line up covers picturesque parks all across the United States. ($25)

The Compendious Coffee Chart ($30)

Coffee is fuel to us here at The Coolector so we were always going to fall mighty hard for this Compendious Coffee Chart from Pop Chart Labs ($30). A compendium of the varied ways—from Chemex contraptions to French presses to the simple automatic drip—to produce wondrous, life-giving beverage that is coffee. If you’ve got a soft spot for all things coffee related (or know someone that does) this is an essential purchase. ($30)

100 Horror Movies Scratch Off Chart ($25)

Take a terrifying journey through horror-movie history with Pop Chart Lab’s most spine-tingling scratch-off chart to date. With this 100 Horror Movies Scratch Off Chart ($25), you can just grab a coin and carefully scratch the blood-red layer from each malevolent movie you’ve had the pleasure (or torture) of viewing. Beneath the top layer you can (surprise!) unmask a frightening, full-colour image lurking just below like any good horror movie protagonist. ($25)

Breweries of the United States Print ($80)

We do little to hide the fact that we drink craft beer pretty much constantly here at Coolector HQ and a road trip around America’s breweries is our idea of heaven. Well, getting our hands on this Breweries of the United States Print from Pop Chart Labs ($80) puts us one step closer to that goal. Feast your eyes on this super-sized mapping of practically every brewery in America – almost 6,000 in total. Clocking in at over ten square feet, this cartographic canticle to beer-makers across the United States boasts distinct regional colour-coding according to breweries per capita. ($80)

Faces of Scranton Print ($40)

We love the American Office here at The Coolector so adding this Faces of Scranton Print ($40) to our collection is a no-brainer. Get to know the Dunder Mifflin family (even Toby, who has no family) a little bit better with this awesome infographic guide to nearly 200 characters who have featured in the hit American version of the show (including David Brent himself). Each illustrated data entry includes the character’s job titles, nicknames, personal relationships, and more—constituting a multitude of minutiae that will definitely leave super-fans satisfied and smiling. (That’s what she said.) ($40)

100 Essential Novels Scratch Off Chart ($35)

Consider yourself a bookworm? This 100 Essential Novels Scratch Off Chart from Pop Chart Labs ($35) will put those credentials to the test and see just how many of the classics you’ve read. This scratch-off chart represents 100 essential novels with an evocative, hand-drawn cover design. Gently scratch off the gold foil to reveal an additional, narrative-specific design underneath. ($35)

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