6 Summer Shorts Essentials from Howler Brothers

Though summer may be in its final throes, we’re hoping there are still a few more short wearing days to be had over the next few weeks and, if you’re of a similar mindset, you’ll want to check out our 6 summer shorts essentials from the guys at Howler Brothers below:

Cornerstone Corduroy Shorts in Dual Khaki – $69

Once upon a time, in the golden age of 1980’s surfwear, there once existed some mythical corduroy shorts. Probably. In making these ace looking Cornerstone Corduroy Shorts ($69), Howler Brothers began with this classic style at the forefront of their thinking but updated and Howlerfied them for the contemporary world by adding an 8″ inseam, stretch corduroy fabric and coconut buttons. If you are reluctant on splashing out on these for any reason, you need to trust us – they’re comfortable and aesthetically unparalleled. They will wear like your absolute favourite, most broken-in pair of shorts from day one and you’ll love them. ($69)

Tranquilo Chillshorts – $69

The brand new Tranquilo Chillshorts from Howler Brothers effortlessly combine the easy going styling of your favourite drawstring boardshorts with the zen-like comfort of your go-to sweatpants. Each pair is crafted from 60% cotton, 40% polyester french terry fabric, which makes the Tranquilos ideally suited for runs to the beer shop, long car rides or anytime you want to just lay back and let the world come to you. ($69)

Clarksville Walk Shorts – $69

Needless to say, it gets hot in Austin (home of Howler Bros) in the summer. Like, really hot. No matter, they can’t just stop what we’re doing and sit in the AC all day fanning ourselves. Their Clarksville Walk Shorts are understated, every day cotton twill shorts which have been designed to keep you rolling on these blazing days. Named for Howler’s neighborhood in Austin and taking design inspiration from their popular ATX Work Pants, the Clarksvilles feature a hidden snap pocket, stretch fabric and reinforced front pockets for your EDC essentials. They are available in Faded Olive, Muslin, and Isotaupe. ($69)

Horizon Hybrid Shorts 2.0 – $69

There are a variety of reasons that Howler Brothers’ Horizon Hybrid Shorts are their #1 selling shorts overall. Not least the fact that the Horizons are incredibly versatile and take you from dry to wet to dry again all day long. They are crafted from a rugged ripstop fabric with features like a rear zip pocket and a drawstring waist cord to keep things on lock down when you take the plunge. These classy looking shorts from Howler Brothers are available in Tortilla Tan, Seaspray, Isotaupe, and Petrol Blue. ($69)

Waterman’s Work Shorts – $69

The Waterman’s Work Shorts brilliantly combine the sea-to-land versatility of Howler Brother’s Horizon Hybrid shorts with the no-nonsense endurance of your favourite pair of reinforced work pants. They have forged the Workman’s out of 4-way stretch rip stop and added in a rivet reinforced front panel and pliers pocket. This combo is quick drying, functional and robust enough to keep you protected from every boulder in your path and chill enough for the next craft beer session. Available in Workingman’s Tan, Faded Olive, Deep Khaki, and Antique Black. ($69)

Chaco x Howler – Tamarin Tech Shorts 2.0 – $69

Howler Brothers are super excited to unleash their second collaboration with their friends at Chaco. Together they have concocted a vast selection of cool things to get you through the blazing days of summer. The Tamarin Tech Shorts 2.0’s are the brand’s deepest foray into the realm of technical shorts.  Chill enough for everyday wear but designed for the trail, wet places and times when you might have to stretch a littler farther to get what you require. The integrated webbed belt and buckle keep your Tamarins on lock down and the quick drying 4-way stretch rip stop fabric lets you move from wet to dry and back again. Updated with a smaller buckle, custom printed belt webbing, and snap closures on the back pockets. ($69)

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