6 of the Best Watches on Huckberry

If you’re after a last minute Christmas gift for the watch lover then you’re in luck because the guys at Huckberry have got some great timepieces to choose from regardless of your budget and style tastes. Check out the best watches available from Huckberry below:

Timex: Marlin Manual – $199

Wonderfully well executed vintage style coupled with Timex’s ever-reliable quality, it’s easy to see why the Marlin Manual Watch ($199) is so popular. With their first mechanical watch release since the 1980s, Timex surprised everybody with the fantastically styled and true-to-form reissue of one of their iconic watches from the 1960s. The Marlin even has an old-school hand-winding mechanical movement to go alongside the vintage aesthetics and vibe of this sophisticated accessory. Elegant in size and look, this is the ideal watch for anything from a night on the town to all of your summer wedding needs. ($199)

Momentum Watches: Torpedo blast 44 – $80

The Torpedo blast 44 Watch from Momentum ($80) is, as its name might suggest, ready and waiting to take a water-based missile broadside and keep on ticking regardless of any adventure. Vancouver-based watchmakers, Momentum, put these excellent watches together by hand and then tortures them with exploits in diving, cycling, wakeboarding, paddling, climbing, hiking, and skiing throughout British Columbia. Regardless, the company still managed to keep them wonderfully affordable (which is undoubtedly why Outside Magazine named it one of its 2017 “Gear of the Year.”) While battery-powered, don’t expect to have to change it until at least three years down the road. ($80)

Marathon: Medium Diver’s Quartz Watch – $625

The Medium Diver’s Quartz from Marathon ($625) is definitely one of best examples of what one watch that can do. This dive-style watch is considerably lighter than others in its bracket and won’t weigh down your wrist at all. The silver-linked steel band, coupled with a dark face, is timeless and looks great whatever the occasion. And for those slobby Sundays when sweatpants are the norm, its low-maintenance quartz movement, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and hangover-pampering luminous hands aren’t going to let you down. This functionality is one of the many reasons the Medium Diver’s Quartz is standard issue to US, British, and Canadian military personnel. ($625)

Martenero: Kerrison Watch – $595

Top class watches inspired by the past and built for the future, the superb looking Kerrison Watch from Martenero ($595) is right up our street here at The Coolector. Martenero know only too well that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel with their watches. Classic watch designs should still be held in high regard, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be perfected. Their latest and limited-run Kerrison timepiece speaks to this belief with an understated, old-school design and a contemporary, high-powered automatic movement. ($595)

Lum-Tec: Combat B42 Watch – $499

The limited edition HB X Lum-Tec B-42 ($499) collaboration, which is available exclusively on Huckberry. Lum-Tec’s watches are crafted to stand up to the challenges of a life lived in the field, no matter what that means to you – whether it’s snowboarding down alpine valleys or four-wheeling across desert dunes or just working all day on that deck you’ve been meaning to build. They use nothing but the best of the best materials and components for their timepieces, each of which is custom-designed to for maximum legibility no matter what the conditions. On top of it all, Lum-Tec designs, crafts and tests all of their timepieces in America and deliver free battery and timing adjustments for life. ($499)

Unimatic: U1-E Watch – $615

From its home in Italy, Unimatic comes up with limited-edition timepieces that display old-world care and precision. A mere 600 of the U1-E Watch from Unimatic ($615) exist worldwide, and Huckberry were lucky to get their hands on a few of them. Powered by a Japanese-made Seiko movement and protected by a double-domed, scratchproof sapphire glass crystal, the heritage diver-style watch showcases a wonderful pedigree without seeming at all dated. You’ll love the inclusion of two bands: a nylon slip-through and a two-piece silicon rubber—the latter a nod to its underwater roots. ($615)

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