8 British Craft Beers To Try in 2021

Whether we actually get to go back to pubs in 2021 is anyone’s guess right now but that doesn’t mean we have to curtail our craft beer enjoyment what with the prevalence of beer takeaways and online ordering so buckle up and check out our pick of 8 craft beers to wet your whistle in 2021 below:

Abbeydale Brewery Wanderer Oat Cream IPA

This Wanderer Oat cream IPA from Abbeydale Brewery boasts a smooth, silky mouthfeel and punchy ABV of 6.2% so definitely isn’t a session ale but great for a pint or two. Single hopped with Mosaic leaf, T90 and cryo hops form the flavour of this great tasting beer. Big tropical and stone fruit flavours abound from the first sip and there is also a slight bitterness to balance out the sweetness and lactose.

North Brewing Co. Springwell Pils

Created for after lockdown in mind, the Springwell Pils from North Brewing Co is for when you’re outside with your friends, music is playing, the sun is shining, you’re drinking this mouth-watering amber nectar fresh from the tank. A picture soon to be a reality, but for now, everyone needs to be staying safe and drinking at home (not a problem for us). Crisp, light and rounded. Springwell Pils is an unfiltered lager lightly hopped with Callista and MittelFruh. 

Brightside Brewing Co Chuck American Brown Ale

An American Brown Ale is their version of England’s traditional Best Bitter, being just a touch more bitter on the finish courtesy of the use of US-grown hops; in this case Cascade. For the Chuck American Brown Ale from Brightside Brewing Company, they’ve used Roast barley, Crystal Medium & Dark, plus Munich as the malts and this give this beer its deep roasted malt flavours, burnt caramel and gentle malt sweetness, and of course its rich, eye-catching colour. It’s pleasantly refreshing with well-integrated hop flavours.

Brew York Goose Willis Sour

Brew York are responsible for some of the most bonkers but brilliant beers we’ve had the pleasure of imbibing here at Coolector HQ and their Goose Willis Sour definitely won’t be for every beer fan but if you like to broaden your beer palate, it will certainly tick plenty of the right boxes. This gooseberry fool sour is positively packed full with tart fruit notes and backed up with masses of Nelson Sauvin hops to make one hell of a refreshing brew that will be great when the sun comes out to play again.

Black Lodge Hundred Dollar Volvo Pale Ale

From a brewery and taproom that was an old haunt of ours here at Coolector HQ, the Black Lodge Hundred Dollar Volvo Pale Ale has a pleasing 5.0%ABV and can be a great go-to beer for any food pairing. This great beer from Liverpool based brewer, Black Lodge, is a light, citrusy single-hopped pale ale which is made using Ekuanot hops for a unique and distinctive flavour that we’re big fans of.

Forest Road Brewery Posh Lager

Clean, simple, approachable drinking, what’s not to like about Posh Lager from London based, Forest Road Brewery. Lager as everyone knows it- from Macro to Munich. The flavour profile of this belter from Forest Road Brewery is uncluttered and unpretentious. And delicious. Makes the drinker think about ordering another before the pint is even finished. Serve this cold and to please all beer lovers out there.

Braybrooke Bao Oolong Beer

Braybrooke Beer Co’s classic BAO Beer will deliver a taste quite unlike anything you’ve tried before and will make a great addition to your beer bucket list in 2021. The lager is inspired by oolong tea, oriental beauty but does not actually contain any tea. The blend of hops used recreates the peachy and apricot flavours that the oriental beauty is synonymous with. An aromatic, light amber lager with pleasantly bitter tea like qualities.

Lost And Grounded Keller Pils

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best and a fine example of this is Bristol brewers Lost And Found’s Keller Pils. For this, they take Pilsner malt from Germany and combine with three traditional hop varieties – Magnum, Perle and Hallertauer Mittelfruh – to deliver a clean, unfiltered, Hop Bitter Lager Beer with a 4.8% ABV for some delicious all-day drinking.

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