8 of the best men’s trucker jackets for winter

Outerwear is crucial during the winter months and picking the right jacket for the occasion is of paramount importance. In our opinion here at The Coolector, the humble trucker jacket is tough to beat from a style and performance perspective and, if you are inclined to agree and find yourself in the market for a new one, the guys at Huckberry have some absolute Christmas crackers. Check out our pick of 8 of the best men’s trucker jackets for winter below:

Flint & Tinder Wool-lined Waxed Trucker Jacket – $298

Robust, timeless, and crafted in the States, this Flint & Tinder Wool Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket ($298) is constructed with a waxed and weather-resistant 8.25 oz shelter cloth, which like selvage denim or finely tanned leather, will only get better the more you wear it. Every time you raise a beer, tie your boots, or jump on your bike, your movements will lighten the colour of the waxed fabric in the creases and bends to create your own unique wear patterns.

Truly a thing of beauty, and why every guy needs a Waxed Trucker in their closet. And unlike most of the other Waxed Truckers out there, this one is soft out of the box, and can even be worn only with a tee underneath since both the body and sleeves are fully lined with a comfortable wool – ideal for the winter months. To equip this winter-ready version of one of Flint & Tinder’s best-selling jackets to stand up to the coldest of the cold this winter, they have sourced a toasty, blanket-soft wool to insulate the body, and gave it a slightly looser cut to make room for a layer underneath. ($298)

Billy Reid Moleskin Jacket – $295

Billy Reid’s menswear collections have earned an array of prestigious awards thanks to their brilliant fits, custom-developed materials, and a keen eye toward manufacturing locations and practices. A softer take on the classic trucker, the Billy Reid Moleskin Jacket ($295) is crafted from a heavy duty cotton that’s sheared on one side for a tough but velvety finish. This USA-made beauty is an exclusive you can only get from Huckberry.

It has a signature Billy Reid leather label at the back hem and it is finished with copper button hardware throughout. This reimagined trucker jacket is garment-dyed for a lived-in look and feel and has dual chest pockets with off-set buttons. ($295)

Filson Beartooth Camp Jacket – $250

In 1897 the Great Klondike Gold Rush was all Seattle was talking about. Lucky for all the panhandlers and fortune seekers in the area, C.C. Filson was ready and waiting to outfit them with Alaskan-inspired outdoor apparel that was made for hard labour. After the Klondike Gold Rush had been and gone, Filson became a staple in the Seattle area with trusted clothing and innovative designs which is the inspiration for pieces like this Filson Beartooth Camp Jacket ($250).

Proving that “blanket-weight” can equal “stylish as hell,” the Beartooth Camp Jacket from Filson may just be the most comfortable bit of outerwear you pull on when the weather turns a bit ropey. With snaps you can fasten with gloves on, and extra pockets for additional functionality, this will serve you well regardless where you’re working – be it in the field or puttering in the backyard. ($250)

Flint & Tinder Ben Harper Cord Trucker – $188

This limited-edition trucker is a rendition which has been co-designed with Ben Harper. Folk music and trucker jackets—two American mainstays that just get better with age. It was only fitting that Huckberry’s buddy Ben Harper – the Grammy-winning folk singer who can regularly be seen rocking a guitar and a trucker jacket – would be keen on co-designing this Flint & Tinder Ben Harper Cord Trucker Jacket ($188).

This latest corduroy trucker jacket has been cut from a crisp yet super soft corduroy fabric to make a winter-ready take on the iconic trucker jacket which channels a retro look with an unparalleled attention to detail. Do yourself a favour and put on a Ben Harper vinyl, pull on the trucker he co-designed, and ease into the couch with a stiff bourbon pour—it’s what we’ll be doing all winter here at Coolector HQ. ($188)

Schott Men’s Waxy Vintage Buffalo Trucker Jacket with Sheepskin Collar – $845

Highly luxurious naked leather shows the natural markings of a skin and any spots, scars, and colour variations are deliberate and desirable – it’s like a fingerprint for leather – and that’s what really sets this Schott Waxy Vintage Buffalo Trucker Jacket with a Sheepskin Collar ($845) apart from the competition. The cozy, insulating sherpa pile lining delivers both supreme warmth and comfort and it has a full button-snap front closure with Schott-branded snaps.

The Waxy Vintage Buffalo Trucker Jacket is the perfect piece for tackling uncompromising snow storms while bringing retro style along for the ride. Everything about this jacket screams Americana—from the hand-cut, waxy leather to the classic sherpa lining, you just can’t beat this aesthetic. It’s a heritage quality piece that transcends trends and cultural shifts, all the while, remaining a crown jewel for American-made history. ($845)

Ginew Wax Canvas Rider Jacket – $365

Handcrafted, heirloom-level quality you can see and feel, from the first and only Native American-owned denim company. Ginew is rooted in the Native American traditions of its founders, husband and wife Erik and Amanda—their flagship leather goods were crafted from the leather of their wedding buffalo that was hunted, tanned, hand-dyed by them and their family.

They use impeccably sourced materials and craft them in the traditions of their Ojibwe, Oneida, and Mohican heritage. This stunning Wax Canvas Rider Jacket from Ginew ($365) is Inspired by Erik’s grandfather’s motorcycle club jacket from the ‘60s, but updated with a contemporary fit and a tough waxed canvas that’ll take on your personal wear pattern every time you wear it. ($365)

Bearded Goat Diamond Insulated Shirt Jacket – $95

This Bearded Goat Diamond Insulated Shirt Jacket ($95) is perfect for layering or wearing on its own depending on the weather and it has been built tough for any number of outdoor adventures with an abrasion-resistant shell. Excellently priced at under $100, this fantastic jacket from Bearded Goat is insulated with mid-weight synthetic down for maximum warmth while still maintaining a lightweight feel.

Goats are notoriously no nonsense – they’re always up for throwing themselves into the eye of danger and emerging on the other side unscathed with a smile. One particular goat, Hairy, embodied this persona to an extreme degree, and this served as the inspiration for the creation of Bearded Goat: an apparel brand that helps humans squeeze the most out of life in the outdoors. Their Diamond Insulated Shirt Jacket is the ideal in-between layering piece that’s ideally suited for those days when you can’t choose between a thick shirt or jacket. ($95)

Far Afield Normsk Jacket – $157

This Contemporary British menswear brand comes with a global inspiration and some awesome looking outerwear such as this Far Afield Normsk Jacket ($157). We know it’s pretty safe to say that the UK is no stranger to a constant chill in the air – even along the southern coast in Brighton, the average temperature in August is 68°.

Other than a steady flow of chilly forecasts, Brighton is also home to Far Afield, a contemporary, family-founded British menswear brand that’s using world travel and global trends as their inspiration for some of the best looking clothing the UK has to offer. Naturally, they’re gifted in the fine art of sweater crafting, and their latest run of winter-ready outerwear like this Normsk Jacket has us hoping that, come springtime, Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow and we get six more weeks of winter. ($157)

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