Dango Capsule Slide

When we think about our favourite EDC brands here at The Coolector, Dango are always one of the few names that springs to mind and that’s because they create awesome looking and supremely functional accessories like the Dango Capsule Slide. This excellent bit of kit will become a mainstay of your EDC line up and introduces a new and compelling way of carrying around your smaller items on a daily basis.

The Dango Capsule Slide has a price tag of $49 which is a small price to pay for an accessory quite as versatile as this one. If you’re in the market for some robust, no-nonsense and useful EDC this festive period, look no further. This intuitive solution from Dango is designed to help allow you to carry more and it is compatible with Dango’s first class eco-system of other products and accessories – which ramps up its functionality to a whole new level.

Slide to Success

There is plenty to appreciate with the design of the Dango Capsule Slide which boasts plenty of storage space for the smaller items that we all typically carry from time to time. We all experience daily issues of having to store modern items such as charging cables, SD cards, memory sticks, keys, notes, medication, extra cards and business cards and, for most, this often means rolling around loose in pockets. The Capsule Slide is designed to free up your pockets of those necessities while keeping them close and accessible. 

The Dango Capsule Slide ($49) comes in black or clear anodising and each one is crafted from CNC machined 6061 aluminium. The Capsule Slide is not only pleasingly robust but has a solid feel that is a ideal addition to the presence of your EDC line up. Featured on the Capsule Slide is Dango’s patented rail mechanism to open the lid. This is for straightforward and effortless access to the cavity; just slide the lid upwards in the direction of the arrow, and the rail system will allow access to your small daily items.

In addition, the Dango A-Series Adapter Plate is also integrated onto the Capsule Slide so that it can seamlessly glide into your A10 Wallet. If you plan on carrying the Capsule Slide independently, the A10 Chassis Clip is also compatible with it so that you can clip the Capsule Slide onto your belt or pocket. This everyday carry item is a must have for any day of the week.

Loads of Great Features

As with all the wares that emerge from the Dango stable, the Slide Capsule is positively packed full of great features that help to set it apart from the competition. Some of the stand out design components of this top notch piece of EDC include space for up to 6 credit cards or 15 business cards and an anchor point for paracord attachments and tethering.

Priced at a thoroughly reasonable $49, the Dango Slide Capsule is a no-brainer addition to your line up of everyday carry gear. Crafted in the USA from the finest materials, this will be a mainstay of your collection for years to come and you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life when it comes to porting about your small items in style.

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