Ad Antic The Counter Bracelet

Men’s jewellery is something we probably don’t cover enough on the pages of The Coolector and it invariably takes something a bit special to turn our heads and that’s exactly the case with The Counter Bracelet from Ad Antic which is currently taking Kickstarter by storm. This excellent looking accessory takes its design inspiration from the world of cars and has a sleek, elegant aesthetic that will look great on any man’s wrist this summer. This award-winning wristwear has an impressive heritage that’s built to last and will be right by your side during any adventures you find yourself on.

The Ad Antic The Counter Bracelet on Kickstarter is available for the introductory, early-bird price of $139 which is down from the final retail price of $249 so, needless to say, if you’re a fan of bargains, now is the time to move on this one. It will make the ideal gift for any motoring enthusiast given its car-centric design aesthetics and this Red Dot Design Award winner is definitely the sort of accessory we’d look to add to our own wrist here at The Coolector. Sleek, stylish and eye-catching in the extreme, this accessory is a real triple threat.

A Love Of Motoring

Inspired by cars from Porsches to Hondas, Alfas to Jeeps, the goal of Ad Antic was to reference iconic cars in the form of wristwear. And while there have been other attempts at car-inspired accessories, it is abundantly clear that they wanted to be the first to do this well. The final design aesthetic takes the best elements from iconic cars, which includes a component that is crucial to the driving experience: namely, the tachometer. The Counter takes its name from the ‘rev counter’ found in all cars.

The Ad Antic The Counter Bracelet on Kickstarter (from $149) is equally as inspired by the world of wristwatches and has the sort of sophisticated design you’d expect to see on a high-end, luxury timepiece. But instead of designing yet another watch in an already heavily saturated market, Ad Antic relished the challenge of bringing this passion to the world of men’s bracelets and strived to design a handsome bracelet with a great backstory.

“Built to last” is something that a lot of products sell themselves as but, with The Counter Bracelet, it really means it. Every component of the Counter is machined to precise tolerances, before being hand-finished and assembled by high-quality craftsmen. Their manufacturer is based in Seoul, South Korea and has over 300 employees, with their clients including the likes of Amazon, Google and Samsung – so you know there is going to be a tangible sense of quality to these bracelets.

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