Dr Squatch Star Wars Collection

So far as soap brands go, Dr. Squatch have long been a favourite of ours here at The Coolector and, just when we thought they couldn’t go up any further in our estimations, they’ve disproven that theory with this superb Star WarsTM Collection of soaps. Open this limited edition collectors box and choose your side. This super cool set features four uniquely crafted bar soaps which take their design inspiration from your favourite Star WarsTM legends.

Priced at $32 for the full set, this ace Star WarsTM Collection of soaps from Dr. Squatch will be keeping you squeaky clean for months to come and in a galaxy chock-full of synthetic detergents filled with harsh chemicals, Dr. Squatch brings a New Hope to your soap. Crafted from nothing but the finest ingredients, this Star WarsTM Soap Collection is guaranteed to bring balance to your shower destiny this summer and fall.

Check out the best new soaps from this Star WarsTM set below:

Wisdom Wash

Heavily influenced by the wisdom and serenity of Master YodaTM , this soothing green bar of soap from Dr Squatch will calm your mind and clear your thoughts. It boasts skin-nourishing Lotus Leaf and a fresh, herbaceous scent that will energize your senses.

Only Hope Soap

With a swirling blue and brown design, this valiant bar of soap pays a fitting tribute to the one and only Obi-Wan KenobiTM clad in Jedi robes as he wields his blue lightsaber. With a pure, refreshing scent, Only Hope Soap features Thyme Leaf and Bentonite Clay for a soothing and detoxifying rinse that will guide you to truly clean skin.

Dark Side Scrub

Inspired by the all-powerful Darth VaderTM, this tempting red and black swirl bar of soap from Dr. Squatch will have you in its grip with rejuvenating Chokeberry, exfoliating Sand and detoxifying Coconut Charcoal. The rich and smoky amber scent will fuel your desires.

Ruthless Rinse

Made with pleasingly restorative Dragon Fruit and exfoliating Black Sand, this fiery red bar from Dr. Squatch embodies Darth Maul’sTM rage and power. The spicy, energizing aromas will inspire you to take on the world.

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