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Whilst it may be true that the only adventures that we head on here at Coolector HQ typically wind up in a brewery or craft beer establishment as opposed to a mountain trail or woodland gorge, we know there are plenty out there a good deal more adventurous than us and it is for those people that this brilliant Kickstarter project called Adventure Tape is squarely aimed at.

Adventure Tape is being billed as the ultimate rescue solution for all your gear and will always have your back when the unexpected happens at the worst possible time or in the worst possible location. Described as being a single product with hundreds of viable applications, Adventure Tape is definitely a versatile bit of kit and, having already attained its funding target on Kickstarter, it’s clear it’s something that adventurous sorts want in their backpack when heading out into the wild.

Head Out Into Nature

Mishaps or problems are always not far away when heading out into the wild and being prepared is always a good idea and that’s why this Adventure Tape on Kickstarter is proving so popular. It has been carefully developed by a small technical team and it is made from a unique formula of durable polyurethane and, as a result, has literally hundreds of ways in which it can be used – most of which will get you out of a pinch.

The Adventure Tape is super strong, stretchy, non-adhesive, highly abrasion resistant and waterproof (to name but a few of its many qualities), and its unique properties ensure that it the ideal rescue solution for all your gear on any outdoor adventures and travels, at home, in the garden, in the car and in the office. So, no matter when and where you need it, Adventure Tape is ready to spring into action.

Replacing things like rope, sticky tape, string and much more, Adventure Tape will considerably cut down on the bulk when heading out on camping trips or wilderness adventure and the extent of its versatility is entirely unparalleled. Just a few of the applications its creators claim it is tailor made for include fixing broken tent poles, taping up a leaking hose, fashioning an emergency sling for a broken arm, fixing torn hiking boots, making a travel washing line and fixing a leaking water bottle to name but a few.

Versatile Solution

Available in three different iterations – thin, medium and thick – Adventure Tape is a reusable solution that has incredibly robust characteristics that mean it won’t wear out even after it has been deployed multiple times. In between each use all you need to do is wash it under the tap or in a stream and pop it back into the handy tin – and then it will be ready for the next adventure that you’ve got planned.

Those with a love of nature and the great outdoors are likely to find many additional uses for this exceptionally durable product and Adventure Tape is already proving a hit with the adventure inclined on Kickstarter. If you like what you see and know that you’re the sort that can benefit from having such a versatile ally in your backpack, you’ve still got time to pick some up for a bargain price on Kickstarter.

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