Garmin Speak

It’s fair to say that a sat nav device is one of the mainstays of most people’s cars today but there is always room for introducing a touch more tech awesomeness to proceedings and that’s exactly what the Garmin Speak endeavours to do. This cracking little device will bring Amazon Alexa and GPS navigation to any vehicle and it’s small, understated aesthetic won’t draw attention away from the road but opens up a whole host of voice activation opportunities whilst behind the wheel.

The Garmin Speak delivers everything that you love about your Amazon Alexa devices in the home and transplants it into your vehicle so you can take the good times out on the road with you. This first class bit of kit from Garmin and Amazon is small but perfectly formed and will nestle neatly on your window, out of the way, and ready and waiting whenever you’ve got any requests that it can tackle.

Techie Travels

If you’re anything like us at Coolector HQ, you’ll seldom like to be parted from technology and this Garmin Speak ensures that time spent behind the wheel needn’t be sans gadgetry and you’ll be mighty impressed with the extensive capabilities of this little device. The Garmin Speak can stream your favourite music playlists and podcasts through your car’s stereo and, if you’re feeling a little more intellectual, play audiobooks. Additionally, it will check the weather, lets you listen to the news, sports stats or traffic updates and, most of importantly of all, it lets you do this while keeping your hands on the wheel and your smartphone stowed away.

The Garmin Speak keeps the functionality rolling with a whole host of awesome features that today’s ever connected consumer is going to appreciate. For example, it lets you place orders for home delivery of goods or food, create shopping and to-do lists, update your calendar and remotely control smart home automation such as lights, locks and thermostat so you can get your living room to the right temperature before you arrive home or have your favourite music playing as you step through the door.

Billed as an ‘always ready’ driving companion, the Garmin Speak does a great job of combining the hands-free convenience of Amazon’s popular Alexa Voice Service technology with the always reliable Garmin GPS street navigation to provide you the best of both world’s whilst driving – both long and short distances. The Garmin-connected GPS navigation provides you with turn-by-turn directions to specific locations and all you need to do to activate it is simply say, “Alexa, ask Garmin … ” and you’re on your way.

Hit The Road

Making any drive much more entertaining and engaging, the Garmin Speak is perfect for keeping fellow travellers entertained with interactive games, trivia and more. They can even ask Alexa to pick a card, flip a coin or tell a few jokes. Garmin Speak is a fun road buddy that always travels light and gets you where you need to go.

It was only a matter of time before a tech brand joined forces with Amazon to deliver a GPS and in-car, voice activated hub and the Garmin Speak is an affordable, top performing piece of tech that will make for much more enjoyable car journeys from now on. Coming in at under $200, you get an excellent sat nav and a functional voice activated assistant on the road – what’s not to like?

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