AEON Telescope

We’ve come across an awful lot of super cool concept designs on the pages of Behance here at Coolector HQ and so it has proven once again courtesy of a great project from German product designer, Marius Kindler, with his excellent piece of design that goes by the name of the AEON Telescope.


This concept piece of design is described as being a telescope for beginners, making astronomy accessible for everyone and, as wannabe star gazers here at The Coolector, this is certainly one piece of product design that is right up our street. The AEON Telescope is purpose built to be easy to set up and use and deliver the sort of insights that even first time astronomers will be able to appreciate.

Intuitive Design

The AEON Telescope is designed with optics based upon those in binoculars to make it immediately accessible to beginners and whilst it is only a concept design from Kindler, it is clear a lot of thought has gone into its creation as he’s even considered and accompanying app that will help you star-gaze with friends and make the whole astronomy process much more user friendly, engaging and shareable.

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With an app that provides contextual information about the things that you discover through the AEON Telescope, it is exactly the sort of product that might be required to make astrology more mainstream and popular amongst today’s tech obsessed individuals (us included).


Cleverly designed with a much more gadgety look and feel than a conventional, traditional telescope, the AEON Telescope would be a welcomed product in our minds and whilst it doesn’t appear that Marcus Kindler will be bringing has concept product to store shelves any time soon, we’re definitely hoping something along the same lines will.

Amazing Stargazing

Every element has been covered with this superb concept design project from Kindler and the branding in particular sets it apart from the crowd and would make it an even more attractive proposition were you to see it on shop shelves. For anyone who has always wanted to get into astronomy but hasn’t known where to begin, a product like the AEON Telescope would be the ideal solution.


Technologically and visually superior with a real desire to open the world of star-gazing up to more and more people through an innovative and intuitively designed telescope, the AEON may only be a concept but it is one that we, and we’re sure many others, would like to see as a tangible, purchasable product as soon as possible.

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