Aeris Antimicrobial Copper Phone Case

Needless to say, the global pandemic that has engulfed life as we know it over the last 12 months has had a few positive impacts – most notably with the emergence of products that are purpose built to help prevent the spread of infection going forward. One of the coolest we’ve seen here at The Coolector is definitely this Aeris Antimicrobial Copper Phone Case which expertly marries form and function.

The Aeris Antimicrobial Copper Phone Case is an impressive product to say the least – as you would expect from a brand founded by three recent graduates from Vanderbilt University with backgrounds in engineering, public health, and economics. Two of the three were personally infected by COVID-19 and this served as the inspiration to start this project as a way to give back. The flagship offering, the Antimicrobial Copper Phone Case has a price tag of $39 which is a small price to pay for such a great looking, protective shield for the product you likely touch the most throughout the day.

Protection Perfection

Available for pretty much all sizes of iPhone, the Aeris Antimicrobial Copper Phone Case has an attractive copper / black colourway and uses antimicrobial copper nanotech to help protect your case day in, day out. Crafted from real copper which will nature develop an elegant patina over time and each adventure you take your phone on, this is one devilishly dapper accessory which will enhance the aesthetic of your EDC line up.

Billed as the first phone case which has been purpose built for a global pandemic, the Aeris Antimicrobial Copper Phone Case ($39) is now shipping worldwide. Copper was chosen as a principle material for this accessory as it has been shown to be naturally anti-pathogenic, killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses it comes into contact with – something incredibly important in the age of Corona.

These cases are made with real, 100% recycled copper that naturally develops an elegant patina over time but it’s important to note that this case is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA or EPA. The patina will first develop in the places where you most commonly touch your phone, although over a span of days and weeks it will develop evenly. 

Material Matters

Copper has antimicrobial properties that have been been well known for thousands of years now. However, we have only recently begun to understand how it works.  Modern science has repeatedly demonstrated the efficacy of copper surfaces in killing germs and reducing healthcare-acquired infection rates which makes it the ideal choice of material for these attractive phone cases from Aeris.

The technology Aeris deploys takes the best of copper’s natural properties and re-engineers them for 21st century life and the sort of adventures you’ll be taking your smartphone on. Copper surfaces are charged with countless copper oxide ions and it is these ions which will provide a defence network that rapidly attacks invading germs, flooding them with a lethal dose of ions and help prevent the spread of germs. Want to make your tech as safe as possible in 2021? This top class case from Aeris is the ideal place to start.

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